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Monday, June 25, 2001 7:47 AM
Well, I'm back from CoasterCon. What a great time. My trip reports are going to be rather sparse in details, because the entire week is somewhat hazy, but I'll see what I can do ;)

The journey from Pittsburgh to Hershey for the con took a LONG detour, all the way down to Chesapeake, VA, for my nephew's first birthday. I decided that on the way up from Virginia to Hershey was the perfect opportunity to hit Dutch Wonderland, home of CCI's first coaster, the Sky Princess.

I arrived at Dutch Wonderland on Sunday afternoon. I didn't have much time before I had to head over to Hershey, so I quickly bought my $23 admission (*) and headed over to Sky Princess.

Sky Princess (4 laps total) -- This is a really nice, if somewhat sedate, junior woodie. Short, but short waits, and it's actually quite a bit of fun.

Joust (1 lap) -- Dutch Wonderland is also home to a small kiddie steel coaster with a little bit of themeing -- suits of armor around the ride, and so on. It happens to be placed right by Sky Princess, so it was simple enough to hop on for my track record.

Souvenir count: One Sky Princess pin that will become a magnet (I couldn't find any magnets I liked), from the main gift shop (which, incidentally, you enter the park through)

Overall, I thought Dutch Wonderland was a nice little diversion, if a bit overpriced (almost as much as a weekend stop at Kennywood!) To be fair, I didn't have time to walk around and explore the entire park, nor try any food, because I had to get to the Hershey Lodge to check in and register for the con...

(*) -- I'd been told that ACE members can get a $5 discount off of admission at Dutch Wonderland, but the girl in the Guest Relations office didn't know about it, and wasn't able to find anything. Not a big deal, though. As a quick reminder, any little discounts that PARKS give to club members are bonuses that the park is nice enough to give, *NOT* guaranteed perks. Ask nicely, and if you get it, great, but if you don't, don't argue, just accept it.

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