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Tuesday, June 26, 2001 5:52 PM
One additional activity that was included in the convention, which was INCREDIBLY cool, was an invitation to see the PTC factory on Friday.

Since we were planning on going to Great Adventure, we got there early. What we were greeted with was something I'll never forget. The PTC factory is literally a machine shop filled with all the cool toys many of us loved to play with in shop class, only more of them and much beefier. Boxes and boxes of coaster train parts (wheels, couplers, lap bars, what have you) all over the place. And stored there and brought out for all to see, a ton of classic trains, as well as display/demo models for modern PTC trains.

I took a TON of pictures, and hope to have them posted to my site eventually.

PTC also served us lunch -- hoagies, huge pretzels, and fresh (from a tap) birch beer. Simple but yummy fare.

After thanking the PTC people many times (and I'm doing it again right here -- it was VERY cool of them to open their doors for is), it was off to Great Adventure....


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