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Tuesday, June 26, 2001 6:11 PM
What a trip. 9 days, 9 parks. 3 new-for-2001 coasters, 24 new-to-me coasters, and 40 different coasters overall. Violent bumper cars. Food galore (but I lost 5 lbs with all the walking! :) )

I was running full speed ahead all week, no problems. Then I got home and hit the wall. I suddenly realized how EXHAUSTED I was. I had aches where I hadn't realized I'd taken hits. My bum knee hurt. I was experiencing an adrenaline crash after 9 DAYS. Ben Gay and 10 hours of sleep, and I was feeling better (fortunately I'd scheduled Monday after the Con off for just that reason ;) )

I'd do it again in a second. Even the SFA sidetrip -- I DID get a track record boost out of it, after all :)

Some other thoughts as they come to mind:

Best woodie: Phoenix

Worst woodie: Hercules

Best steel: Nitro

Best new-for-2001 ride: Nitro

Best not-new-for-2001-but-new-to-me coaster: Thunderhawk

Best overall ride: Nitro

Biggest positive surprise: Tie -- Thunderhawk, Nitro Crew

Biggest negative surprise: Policy change on Superman: Ride of Steel

Longest wait: 2 hours 15 minutes for Batwing

Shortest wait: none, for Thunderhawk

Best food: the Convention Banquet

Best in-park food: Sabrett's hotdog at Great Adventure :) (Like I said, I'm a REAL sucker for those. Otherwise, cheese on a stick at Knoebels...)

Best non-riding con activity that didn't involve food -- PTC factory tour (oh, wait, it DID involve food. Um, the Event Planning seminar? ;) )

Best non-convention activity: In a blowaway upset, Six Flags Great Adventure sidetrip. (Knoebels would win this if it weren't listed on the con schedule as an "optional day", but I DO consider it part of the convention since it landed on the official schedule ;) )

Best time overall: Tie -- ERTs at Knoebels, and Tuesday night on Lightning Racer

And that about wraps up CoasterCon XXIV... See y'all in England in 2002... ;)

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