CoasterBuzzCon adds Flight of Fear ride, on-site registration

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Keep your head back and hold on, because CoasterBuzzCon attendees will also ride Flight of Fear this Sunday at Paramount's Kings Island! This ride will accompany our walk-on to Tomb Raider: The Ride and the evening ERT on The Beast.

On-site registration will be accepted at the group ticket window for a flat rate of $20 if you have a Paramount pass, $45 if you do not. We will accept cash only. The pick-up is 9 to 11 a.m.

Please do not be late! Ticket pick-up for registrants will end at precisely 11 a.m., and as indicated on the form, there will be no refunds for any reason.

See you Sunday for CoasterBuzzCon at Paramount's Kings Island!

Get more info from the official event page.

Too bad I can't make it. That sounds like a really great day. :(

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Someday there will be something here.

I sent my registration in last Friday...I hope Jeff got it!!! I can't wait!

I just hope the weather is good that day. I checked out and well... here is the link to what the weather is supposed to be like that day... lets hope it changes.
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I'm ready. Is there gonna be any kind of formal gathering at a specified time out from or anything?

Sorrrrrrrry folks! Parks closed. The moose out front should have told you.

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Everyone who has the ability to attend really should do so...

especially with me now attending as well ;o)

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Draeger is the hizzouse... I'm sure the ladies will flock. ;)

I'll have specific times nailed down later in the week (or at worst, when you pickup your tickets). The food times are set in stone, however.

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Walk ons to my two favorite coasters at PKI and lots of food, sounds like a great way to spend the day to me.

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Wow Jeff, great job on setting this up, I can't wait to invade PKI with KicksTheSky and STChick this sunday :)

Can't wait to see the look on Kara's face after her first ride and night ride on the Beast, right Kristin?

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Hey, it'll be my first night ride on the Beast. Three years of season passes and years worth of visits and I've never closed the park!

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Can't wait for it! My first time there, so let's make it a great experience. :)

I'll be offline after this evening, though (NYC - CP for Coastermania and travel Sat for Cincinnati), so I hope there will be something at the reg desk. Hope the weather stays good and hope to say hi to you all!

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Wow! Am I finally going to get the personal touch?

Definitely looking forward to this weekend!

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Thanks for adding FOF. Of course I'll have to stop by the Flyers on the way. :) Yes, those of you visiting Beasts' lair for the first time at night are in for a treat, even though it will not quite compare to Legend last week. If all the lights were off, then we'd have a contest! See everyone Sunday....
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Now, Jeff, if we could just get the weather forcast tweaked for Cincy on Sunday, we'd be all set. As of now, the weather channel is forcasting thunderstorms for Sunday... :(

Posting, "Me too" like some brain dead AOLer. I ought to to the world a favor, and cap you like old yeller...

Each time I've gone to CP this year, the weather channel said it would storm or rain all day...guess what? No rain...I hope you guys have the same luck!

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Think they'll let me drive the Zamboni machine?

Now I really wish I could make it...oh well. Working a weekend job makes Enthusiast events tough, plus I am already taking off work Friday to attend Coastermania and the following week to do some East Coast-ering. Hope everything goes well!

I get the feeling there's a conspiracy over at King's Island to remove anything that has "K" or "C" in its initials.

I'll see you all there sunday at FoF.
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The hubby was giving me grief last night about not going if it's going to rain. I pointed out we are all ready paid for, and even tho rain was predicted for CP the day we went, we didn't get rained on.

Finally, I told him I was going with or without him. Being one of the few females, I'm SURE I could find someone to ride with me.

BTW, it's 10 am and I just checked They are now saying partly cloudy for Sunday!

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