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Jeff, Mike, Greg and Pat review the news in the amusement industry.

  • Cedar Point announces Skyhawk, as well as reduced pricing for next season.
  • Cedar Fair revenue, per cap spending and attendance is up. Are people over-reacting to two years of decline in attendance at Cedar Point?
  • Six Flags posts boost to quarterly revenue, as well as first three quarters.
  • Snyder says it's a bad time to sell the company. Jeff goes on a rant about the relative stupidity of the execs at Six Flags as well as Snyder's people.
  • Liberty Land closes, Joyland gets a new lease on life with new mystery owners.
  • The podcast crew goes off-topic a bit to talk about geek tech among enthusiasts.

Link: CoasterBuzz Podcast

Jeff-the video podcast looks good on a 2.5 inch screen. I got my video Ipod last week and I love it. You're right though, a lot of enthusiasts are all about the toys. Like I said, I got the Ipod video last week and I also got my Tablet PC on Friday. I wonder what the connection between roller coasters and high-tech toys is. Good podcast though, it was nice to hear everyone's reflections on what Mr. Kinzel had to say, and how what he had to say related to other parks, namely Six Flags. I think you brought up a good point in the fact that enthusisasts may say that they hate Six Flags, but in reality, we all love the rides and the parks that they have, and we really just want to see them succeed. Not even the biggest CP "fanboy" wants to see parks closing like Astroworld did.

Good job, and thanks again for doing these! I listen every week and enjoy it every week!

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Very good Podcast!

I liked it mainly because Jeff explained the bashing of Six Flags for those who still wear rose-colored glasses while going in those parks. Although you didn't have any special guests that's probably one of my favorites of the podcasts.

~Rob Willi

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Honestly, this is my favorite one so far. We all agreed that our rapport with each other has improved and it all feels more natural.
Is it just me, or is the video one missing from the download page...?
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There is no video version this week. Those are extras we do when it makes sense. When there are four of us in four different cities, we don't do video versions.
I think one thing that shows in this Podcast is some of your passion for this industry. Nobody wants to see a company, especially an amusement company, go under, but when they're making silly stupid mistakes it's easy to criticize! Makes you hope that they're out there listening.

Oh, and I enjoyed the geek banter at the end regarding cell phones, PDA's, etc. Birds of a feather...

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Good job this week, it was a lot of fun to listen to.

About CP, if they really want to have that attendance stay that high I think they have to keep improving the resort. I have said this before, but the only reason we stay there is because it is far more convenient than staying off site. We stay at Universal Florida's resort because it is a great resort, and because its so close to the parks. Cedar Point's resort is dirty, old and the customer service is just good enough.

Jeff, I loved your rant about Six Flags. I get like that everytime I visit a SF park cause I see so much potential for a great time and just get frustrated when it doesn't deliver. I wish some of these guys would simply get up and go to a park un-announced to see how bad it really is. I also think its odd that the park managers don't take more pride in their positions like Cedar Fair, or Holiday World does. That pride ends up showing up in their parks.
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When you went off on Six Flags I thought "That's the Jeff I know online!" It's great, and I totally agree.
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Jeff said: Honestly, this is my favorite one so far. We all agreed that our rapport with each other has improved and it all feels more natural.

It's because I wasn't there to ruin it. :) Great podcast!

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Yeah, but Jeff didn't use the Kentucky Rumbler easter egg at the end. :(
YAY! I finnaly got an iPod last week. So the Podcast lived up to it's name, and I listened to you on my way to school. Good show!
You know you don't need an ipod to listen, right?
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No, the file is just an mp3.

Download and play it as you'd play any mp3 file.

Yes I am aware I don't need an iPod to listen. I got one for 'on the go' music... not the podcast.. I'm not that dumb. But its great to get to listen to this outside of my house.

BTW Jeff..

Your rant on Dell is sooo right. Dell is located in my town (Round Rock, Texas [look on the back of your monitor]). Dell's products seem to be shiped, and have sometype of 'mishap'. A local news station actualy did an entire news seris of how local Austin Texas companies are having call centers in India... But yes... I live next to the Dell Diamond (do a Google Search), and I used to live down the street from the Dell Headquaters.... Also they provide computers for my school district

Woah.. not that you care. But I just wanted to tell you what you said... is soooo true.

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LG was responding to the prior post, not yours.
nor was he responding to Gonch.. he was responding to me...and I wasn't asking if it were possible, I was asking Keith2005 if he was aware that it was indeed possible.. so, Keith actually responded in a correct manner to my question. No offense Gonch, but you misinterpreted my question.

And Keith, my apologies if you thought I was calling you "dumb", I wasn't. (For the record, there is nothing "dumb" about people who aren't computer-savvy and don't realize that a "podcast" doesn't need a "pod" to be played. You may think it's common knowledge, but it's an easy error to make for those who don't know, regardless how intelligent they may be. [/rant])

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