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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Disney hikes tickets, but there are so many options available. What do people really pay?
  • Disney theme park profit up double digits over last year.
  • Elitch Gardens faces an uncertain future.
  • Darien Lake faces an uncertain future.
  • The Oakwood Hydro accident gets more and more tragic with every new detail.
  • Busch Gardens Europe teases their new dive coaster.
  • Check out BooBuzz 2006 at Cedar Point. Exclusive ride time on Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster!
  • We want to hear from you. Literally. Send an MP3 with your questions, comments on stories, etc., to

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The podcast should have an "In the Forums" clip where they talk for a bit about what's popular in the forums.
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For the Universal Orlando tickets, keep in mind that you only get one free child ticket when you extend your two-day to a five-day. So that's four unaccounted days.
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Nah, I think you're wrong on that one, SFoGswim.

The details from Universal's order page:

Plus, for a limited time, when you buy a 2-Day ticket you get:
  • One FREE ticket valid for children ages 3-9 with every 2-Day ticket purchased online, valid for a total of five (5) consecutive days of admission (if child is over 52 inches tall, then valid proof of age is required)
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The push for multi-day tickets is VERY strong, more so than 5 years ago by far. Most parks either don't advertise a one-day, or push the two day so much that it's a brain dead choice to go two. Personally, when I go to Disney, we go and get the season pass, it's cheaper for longer stays (we usually do 10 days or so) and we can reuse it again within a year!
I think that's a good idea VF--New-coaster07.
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I do too. :)

You'll note that we just barely touched on this idea a couple of podcasts back when we hit on the 'weight/size issues' thread that was exploding in the forums.

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Maybe I saw something else.
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You had me second guessing myself, so I had to look it up.

I mean, giving mom and dad 5 days, but only offering the kids free ticket for one day seems like such an SF thing to do. :)

One suggestion (and I am *not* volunteering for this). I meant to post this a while ago, when you guys were talking about the addition of Speed to Oakwood in Wales.

It might be no harm to add someone to the podcast who is knowledgeable about rides and parks outside of the United States. If memory serves the discussion at the time centered on "is this a good fit for the park" which, from three Americans, felt just a little shallow.

Just my 0.02 euro :)

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Well as we've said before, as far as enthusiasts go, we suck. :) We haven't been to half of the places in the news!
Well, the first thirty or so podcasts were an excellent listen nevertheless. Having said that, the standard has IMHO been slipping over the last while - saying that you've not read the news is funny once, but by the third time it begins to grate. Finding someone knowledgeable would probably bring it back to where it was. Again, just a suggestion - thanks for listening.
It IS a good point, but it's also a challenge.

I'd like to think I add a little bit when I manage to show up (which admittedly isn't very regularly ;) ). However, I'm certainly not an encyclopedia of knowledge, either. There's a big difference between "Oh yeah, I was there once, like 6 years ago..." and someone who really knows the park(s).

What became of the requests for audio questions?

It seemed like a good idea. Did you get any actual worthwhile questions.

I know I have so much room to talk, as I sent so many.

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No, I haven't received anything worth airing.

The problem is exactly what I feared, and the reason I resisted doing a podcast early on: There just isn't enough going on regularly to keep it interesting. You could easily transplant this year's news to almost any other news and you'd find the same basic stories over and over again. The only thing really new this year is the acquisitions and take-overs, and even those are wait-and-see situations.

I don't know about that Jeff - plenty of what you have to say *is* interesting to listen to. However, you really do need to prepare for each item (reading the stories, for example!). That'd help a lot.

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