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Jeff, Carrie and Gonch review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • We're a little out of practice.
  • KP Connection posts off-season photos from Kennywood. Gonch reviews a bit about the new roller coaster there. Jeff wishes there were more local fan sites for amusement parks.
  • The Disney Dream is like a theme park. Carrie talks about cruises as disease infested capsules. Gonch wants a Fastpass off the boat.
  • Disney worker arrested for allegedly luring a woman to the resort and raping her. The story doesn't add up very well according to what has been reported.
  • Cedar Fair gets some credit lubrication. Lubrication is what makes business go.
  • SeaWorld ready to put trainers back in the water. It has been a year, but Jeff wants to hear more about the safeguards. It will always be dangerous, that's part of the job.
  • Six Flags America gets a "Survivor" live show. Really? Who actually watches anything on CBS?
  • Ferrari World pats itself on the back for 100 days of operation. Take that, Freestyle!
  • Six Flags has a very profitable 2010. We think Shapiro really laid the groundwork for that success. And by the way, Gonch thinks that Six Flags America has a nice coaster lineup. Jeff wonders if he ever mentioned that he was on Superman when the chain broke.
  • Battlestar Galactica dueling roller coaster finally reopens at Universal Singapore. Eleven months seems like a long time to fix a problem. Aside: Remember ragging on Vekoma?
  • Las Vegas entertains the idea of a new amusement park. Jeff can't stand cab drivers that take you stupid ways.
  • Cheetah Chase is looking like "the" ride for the year. It's like a long Maverick, sort of.
  • Dorney is getting another hand-me-down ride, this time from California's Great America.
  • Disney is spending a billion dollars on tech to make your day more efficient and more action packed. What's with people who are worried about doing every last thing when they go to Disney World? Some people suck at vacations.
  • Lo-Q has a more profitable year. Funny how everything other than the unemployment rate implies that the economy is improving.
  • Cedar Fair charges a buck an inch for a crappy sub. And they're surprised that their per cap is down?
  • Universal Orlando's grand achievement, in the form of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, has amazing results for the year. No shocker there.
  • Stay tuned... we're announcing something new very soon.
  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World will be September 17, 2011... save the date!
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"We've gotten to a point now where you can tell when you're getting into a really old ride. And when you sit down on Demon Drop, you feel like you just stepped into an 8-track tape."


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I gotta be careful or I'll get called out like Mr. Virtual Queue hater... But - A buck an inch sounds like a great buy to me! LOL :-)

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Wah, Wah, Wah, Waaaaah... :)

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Entertaining podcast this week... +1 for Gonch's expletive and Carrie's Demon Drop comment. Good times. :)

I'm kind of surprised at the general feeling towards cruises. Personally, I had a blast on both Carnival cruises I took. The first was a 7-day, 5 island South Caribbean cruise for my honeymoon, and the second was a 7-day, 4-island Western Caribbean tour that my wife and I, and a friend of ours took with another mutual acquaintance who got us a killer deal.

On our honeymoon, we were completely awestruck at just how amazing and huge the ship was. That and we had been stressing so much over everything leading up to the wedding that the moment we stepped onto the boat we were able to find total relaxation. I'm not really the partying type--I was there to unwind, see what the ship had to offer, and hit the island beaches. We honestly didn't want it to end. Frankly, I never had much of a problem with the herding of people on and off the boat (possibly excepting the initial boarding process); we came and went at our leisure when we docked, and never encountered intolerable lines.

The second time around the novelty of the boat had worn off some (it didn't help that both ships were roughly identical in layout and amenities), but we still enjoyed the complete relaxation of being in the Caribbean. The biggest problem is that we got to know our mutual acquaintance all too well that week, and after the cruise was over we never spoke to her again (interesting how the ship grew smaller and smaller as the week progressed). My advice is to pick your vacation mates carefully. :) Despite those issues, though, we had a really great time. Come to think of it, one of the excursions we did was swim with and feed the stingrays off the coast of Grand Cayman, at the suggestion of Bob Hansen (Kick The Sky). Definitely worth it.

The Disney cruises look really fun, and something my wife and I have discussed possibly taking the kids on when they're old enough to appreciate it. There's a couple we know who don't have kids that took a Disney cruise, and they raved about it.

I know there are advantages and disadvantages to cruises. One of the disadvantages is that our time is limited on the islands, which was especially disappointing when we found a place we really enjoyed. Conversely, one of the advantages is that we were able to experience a nice sampling of several vacation spots which might warrant an exclusive visit on a future trip.

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Thanks, Vater.

And I understand what you mean about cruising. A lot of people enjoy them. I just don't happen to be one of those people. I'm glad I've done it, but it's not my vacation of choice really.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

My advice is to pick your vacation mates carefully.

Quoted for truth.

My wife and kids went on a Disney four-day last February, and she was totally hooked. We're all doing their Alaskan itinerary this summer, and she and the kids are doing a seven-day next February. It is killing her not to be able to sail the Dream, but the Magic's seven night trip is essentially the same cost as the Dream's four-night trip for next February, and the Caribbean itinerary should be warmer than the Bahamian. It was a little chilly for her last year.

I have never taken a cruise for the same reason as Carrie had talked about. Also agree with Vater's post that a cruise would be a good way to see places for a potential extended vacation, but it only if I could get over the fear of getting on the boat. I'd feel safer trying Disney cruise lines because I'd think that they'd constantly be sanitizing the common areas of the boat. At least that's what I'd hope. :)

Cheetah Chase does look amazing. Make me wish we had waited until this year to go. Now it'll be a few years before we go back.

You're right Jeff the Harry Potter ride is incredible. From the theming to the actual ride. My only complaint was how packed that area of the park was. Made me feel claustrophobic being packed in like that, and we visited in October. I'd hate to see it in the Summer. We only had to wait 45 minutes to ride.

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Going on my 3rd cruise this summer to Alaska. Have done Alaska before and Caribbean as well. I really love everything about it (the 24-hour buffet doesn't hurt) in that I'm a person who likes to see and do different things. I have very little desire to chill out on a beach all day. A cruise is the perfect way to get between all the different things I want to see without the hassle of finding them myself.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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