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Jeff, Carrie and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Ferrari World, IAAPA 2010, social media and the industry, Facebook likes, the Facebook movie, Six Flags licensing, Orlando ticket pricing, Orlando Thrill Park, SeaWorld Parks layoffs, PARC confusion, Belmont rent is too damn high, unions and wages.
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Regarding liking things on facebook, I've sometimes 'liked' companies/products just for their news updates, special deals, etc. And I think the reason they put that in people's news feeds is so that it spreads faster (and encourages other companies to set up product pages).

For example, if AV Matt 'likes' Rye Playland, I might click it too; and by the end of the day I'll see 15 other friends have added it as well. And I've never even been to that park, but I'm interested in the news updates. So much like bastardizing the word 'friend,' facebook has also altered the word 'like.' :)

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Ha! Rye Playland and I have a love/hate relationship. ;) It's amusing to me (and I'm sure to a few others who know me) that you picked that example out of all the ones you could have, Bryan.

I tend to only "Like" things that I really appreciate or want to get in on special deals. But some of my "Friends" sure seem obsessed with liking every single amusement park and roller coaster manufacturer on Facebook. And thus Bryan's idea of it spreading... it's a viral campaign of sorts.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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^You have to "like" them if you want to get in on the insider info. Even if you don't really like-like them. As an example, PARC is one that comes to mind when I think of people asking me "why did you *like* them?"

Of course, them being HQ'd in Jax makes them attractive as a potential employer... ;)

Like, like-like - it just seems very middle school... ;)

Yes. As if modern English vernacular needs any more usages of "like"...

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^ Delan likes this

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