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Jeff, Gonch and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Mike and Jeff talk about Kinect, and the modern reincarnate of Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Mike spent time at the Disneyland resort, and talks about ElecTRONica, World of Color, construction and renovations at the Disneyland Hotel.
  • Halloween was huge for parks all over the US this year. Strange how parks reach the bursting limit now on some weekends. How does this success come in what's allegedly a recession?
  • Operator in Dells Extreme World accident will not take plea deal. Jeff and Gonch are still troubled by low-wage job that carries potential for felony charges.
  • Ferrari World opens with the world's fastest roller coaster, and even without riding it, a lot of people are poo-pooing it. It just doesn't look that interesting outside of the speed. Are we jaded or do we just know what kinds of roller coaster sensations we prefer?
  • Kentucky Kingdom won't open next year because it can't get the funding it wants in time. Live it up another year, Holiday World!
  • New Cars area coming together at California Adventure. Mike says it's just huge to see in person.
  • Six Flags sees boost in revenue and says it's backing off the addictive discounting to drive attendance. Gonch and Mike say they didn't see any gate integrity this year in their visits.
  • Q Funding goes after Dick Kinzel while the company names some promotions, in title at least. Cedar Fair results are definitely better in most ways, though per capita spending and profit is down.
  • Neat video from the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans appears, then disappears, from YouTube. Looked like it was shot on a DSLR. Philip Bloom shoots some neat stuff on DSLR's (not this one though).
  • Holiday World posts video of real humans riding the Timberliners on The Voyage.
  • Speaking of Holiday World, the Fall Affair will return for 2011, with details forthcoming.
  • The crew misses the good ol' days at Kings Island with Jeff and Maureen, and the ultimate multi-ride ERT. Long live BeastBuzz.
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I don't have the same problem with the felony charge, and I don't see how what you do or don't get paid has to do with it. The guy delivering your pizza is being paid minimum wage. But, if he kills some pedestrian while he's not paying attention to what he's doing, that's going to get him charged with a crime, and probably a pretty stiff one. And, I think most of us would agree that such a charge would be well deserved.

Now, you could argue that the operator in this case wasn't at fault---that the attraction was poorly designed, etc. So, it's possible that he's not guilty of the charge. You could also argue that someone operating this attraction has more responsibility than your typical minimum wage employee, and so should have been paid more commensurate with that. But, both of those are different questions.

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B:TR sucks man!!!111+1! hehehehe

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Brian: You kind of address what I was going to say. A pizza driver doesn't need to have the same kind of engineering knowledge that a liable ride operator would. There are a lot of disciplines you'd have to be an expert in to be truly negligent (in my opinion) on an amusement ride. This guy's training sounds a lot like, "push button, push rider off the platform." Don't get that out of order.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

The Microsoft beginning wasn't off topic; I enjoyed it. I'm especially grateful for this update on the XBox because of the ESPN access Microsoft included. I don't have cable right now, and being able to stream NBA games though the 360 is brilliant!!

Send my Thanks to Microsoft Jeff!!!!!

Dream it! Do it!!

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MikeyB said:
Send my Thanks to Microsoft Jeff!!!!!

Did you mean, "Send my Thanks to Microsoft , Jeff!!!!!"? Or, "Send my Thanks to Microsoft Jeff!!!!!" as you typed it?

The answer certainly changes the context. ;)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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Carrie's apparently read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves"... ;)

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"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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"Let's eat, grandma!"
"Let's eat grandma!"


I think I meant it as "Send my Thanks to Microsoft and Jeff". I was in a rush at the time. I know, no excuses! ;)

Dream it! Do it!!

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