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Jeff, Gonch, Mike and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Word on the street is that Cedar Fair COO Jack Falfas has resigned. How we heard and justified posting it, plus the gossip and the future of leadership in the company.
  • Looking back at Dick Kinzel's fall from grace and differing attitudes toward him over the years. To Jeff it's not about personality as much as it is the tanking investment.
  • Orca dies giving birth at SeaWorld Orlando, no comments. Jeff remembers the birth on TV of an orca at SeaWorld Cleveland. Plus giraffes. Birth is a big bloody mess regardless.
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at Universal's Islands of Adventure, on a soft opening basis at least. Reviews start to flow. Mike points out that Lost Continent was a mess of different themes prior to the Potter re-do.
  • Cedar Fair has three board members re-elected, since they were uncontested. Two new appointees are made on behalf of Q Investments, and they have actual industry experience from the outside. Angry and pissed off people show up at the annual unitholders meeting.
  • PointBuzz streams the Coastermania keynote live with B&M's Walter Bolliger. See the replay in high definition.
  • Santa Clara voters approve 49ers stadium plan. Cedar Fair's next move for their parking lot?
  • Minor aside: Mike's Mexican soccer fans and the World Cup.
  • Disneyland turns 55, continuously evolves, as Walt intended. Mike talks about the differences there from Florida.
  • Disney's California Adventure opens World of Color as part of its rebirth. Still strange how the park has been considered a failure by many.
  • Give Kids The World is competing for some cash from Pepsi to do some upgrades at the village. Vote now!
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Apparently the Disney company is among those who think California Adventure has been a failure; there's a reason they saw reason to sink another ton of money into it...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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There is 3G at the park now. Apparently, it's only at the park. Even in Sandusky, it seems to still be Edge.

There was no way I was going to trust AT&T, though. :) I used a Verizon MiFi to create a WiFi network, then connected to that on the iPhone.

Walt Schmidt - Co-Publisher, PointBuzz

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You guys talked about the applause Dick got at the Red Garter interview and mentioned that you thought he wouldn't get that today. When he was introduced at the CoasterMania! Keynote, he got a round of applause. It wasn't a standing ovation. But, I didn't hear any "boos" either.

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Well, booing the president of the chain/park that just accepted you into their gates for an event would probably be bad form. I'm glad everyone showed some restraint. :)

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There was a certain percentage of people that didn't clap or cheer. But, the casual observer would probably not have noticed.

P.S. The 70's porn music at the end had me roaring.

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