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Jeff, Carrie and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • CoasterBuzz turns ten years old. If CoasterBuzz were a kid, it would be in grade five.
  • The track record is now free for all users. Have you made yours?
  • Gonch got his start around CoasterBuzz as the Rollercoaster Tycoon guy. (He won a pinball machine.)
  • Cedar Fair sale drama reaches a fever pitch as someone called Q Investments collects 12% of the company, and they plan to vote no on the sale to Apollo. What's their exit strategy?
  • Wild West World fraud trial continues. Etheredge isn't the only one to blame... the people lending him money were clearly morons as well.
  • Kalahari scores a tax-free bond issue in Virginia, to build only their third location. Slow and measured expansion compared to Great Wolf.
  • Zamperla will run the amusement rides at Coney Island. Our international members let us know that they do this elsewhere.
  • Cypress Gardens will be Legoland Florida. Someone pointed out the Lego brand will probably encourage people to get out there.
  • Jeff scored the Lego carousel, and it's completely awesome. There are a lot of enormous sets that are very cool, and clearly not intended for children.
  • Busch Tampa's Sesame Street area is coming along.
  • Demon Drop is going to Dorney now instead of Knott's. The bigger question is, why are they bothering to move it at all?
  • Schlitterbahn is opening a new water park resort with mix-use stuff around it near Austin.
  • Kennywood is experimenting with season passes.
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Jeff-head to Lego's web site. The Toy Story sets are awesome! And good luck with the carousel!

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The Toy Story stuff isn't as cool as I would expect, though the mini-fig army guys are pretty cool.

I finished the carousel shortly after we finished recording... I just need to get some photos and video up.

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M$ keeping you busy eh Jeff? ;)

Now that I have finally listened to the podcast (this one and #168)...

I still have not read *all* of the Cedar Fair preliminary proxy document. I read the narrative and that was about it. I don't actually have *that much* free time on my hands. :)

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