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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Jeff drove 2,400 miles, stopped at Mount Rushmore. No one got his "robots from space" thing, even after showing the original.
  • Former Six Flags execs invest in water park, humorously suggest that Six Flags was just fine when they were booted out.
  • Tom and Huck are River Blasting through Silver Dollar City. These things are like the new flume.
  • Hooray for New Jersey, with no serious accidents! At least it was a positive story.
  • Wildebeest will be featured on a National Geographic show. Jeff got the headline wrong and no one even noticed.
  • Timberliners are coming to The Voyage at Holiday World. They're designed in the modern times! (See video with Mike Graham, at about 5:14.)
  • Southern Star loses the Nickelodeon license. Who saw that coming?
  • Comcast and GE agree on a value for NBC Universal. A cable provider owning a broadcast network is still pretty weird.
  • NYC to buy a big chunk of Coney Island. Will anything ever really happen there?
  • People can't drive in Seattle.
  • Schlitterbahn launched an iPhone app. This is definitely the future we're looking at in terms of obtaining information.
  • Kalahari gets sued for drowning. A little weird that people should be surprised about a lawsuit when a child actually died.
  • Mason wants higher taxes on admission and parking for Kings Island and The Beach. Price sensitivity aside, there's a real moral issue with taxing a specific business.
  • Son of Beast: Will it stay or go?
  • Six Flags is rehabing Texas Giant for $10 million. For something related to Mean Streak? For real?
  • Have we turned an economic corner? Disney had a nice fiscal 4Q.
  • IAAPA was this week, but Jeff had to miss it for the first time in years because of his new day job.
  • Kings Island cleared for a heart issue that killed a rider. It's been awhile since calls for "safety" issues have come around over pre-existing conditions.
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As for Jeff getting a headline wrong, yes, one of us noticed. But, at the same time, I make enough of my own mistakes. So it's best that I not point out, or even worse, laugh at someone else's mistakes.

And since we're talking mistakes, did someone forget WinMo as a smartphone operating platform? Or did I just miss it?

Just teasing, loved the podcast. Missed the other two regular participants

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Ironic, isn't it? WinMo is the one platform (aside from straight Web apps) that I could develop for today, and I won't touch it.

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