CoasterBuzz Fall Affair 2009

Hello CoasterBuzz fellows. I can't find any discussion on the CoasterBuzz Fall Affair 2009 in any of the forums. The only information I have been successful in finding is a PDF in the event list under CoasterBuzz Club. Is there a forum or discussion happening somewhere for this exclusive CoasterBuzz event?

Is this event still on for this year? I notice that nobody has this event listed as they were going to attended via the "Meeting Calendar". I am fairly new at this CoasterBuzz stuff and I am not even a member of your Coasterbuzz club. I notice that non-members are invited to your exclusive event; are non-members really "welcomed" to participate? I also notice on the PDF that if you register there is no confirmation sent; does that mean we don't know until the day of the event if you received our registration in the mail? (I am just sometimes leery of the USPS especially if I am traveling somewhere and hoping I have reservations for the event.)

I have never been to Holiday World and reading the PDF on this event sparked my interest. It sounds like a fun park and the exclusive ride time seems like a great plus. Please advise on the above for I do have interest in participating.

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There's an event for 2008, but let's not get ahead of ourselves to 2009. :)

Whether or not you're a club member doesn't matter... it's just slightly cheaper if you are. The way you know you're registered is if your check clears or credit card is charged. We've never had a problem, after hundreds of attendees to a bunch of events.

The biggest thing about pre-registering for this or any event is... don't wait! I've had countless instances where people showed up at an event and were like, "I mailed it overnight, yesterday," not quite understanding that there was a deadline and I was, in fact, already in the town where the park was the night before. Seriously, that has happened.

Print out the form, send it in, and we'll see you there!

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