CoasterBuzz: 20 Years Buzzed, A tale of two CEO's

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January 30, 2020, was the 20th anniversary of the launch of CoasterBuzz. To commemorate the day, we present CoasterBuzz: 20 Years Buzzed, a series of stories and articles about the last 20 years of the amusement industry as seen through CoasterBuzz. In this chapter, we explore the styles and accomplishments of two prominent leaders for Cedar Fair, CEO's Dick Kinzel and Matt Ouimet.

Read more in CoasterBuzz: 20 Years Buzzed.

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This one took a lot of research to write, but I think that it's important to get it written down and persist the history. I hope you enjoy it!

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A great read and it really illustrates the difference between "old school" and modern day leadership. The compare and contrast between Dick Kinzel and Matt Ouimet is honestly a pretty good case study for management styles and the effect they have on company culture and is quite relevant in most any industry.

Another solidly interesting chapter. These are fun because they offer new behind the scenes insight on stories, we were familiar with in real time. Again, I appreciate the efforts.

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A very good read. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice work, Jeff. This was probably my favorite one so far.

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Really interesting stuff. Interesting to chew on the different CEO management styles and how that does or does not apply to my life and work.

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So are there anymore chapters forthcoming? I really have enjoyed reading this.

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Yes... I just haven't written and edited them as fast as I anticipated.

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It's cool. I'm sure that you have that life stuff to do.

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Congratulations on 20 years Jeff!

Great read and thank you for sharing. Keep them coming.

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