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Sunday, November 26, 2000 2:56 PM
hello everyone
today, my friend was kicked off coasterbuzz because he was talking about his new site in the forums. i think that was just the nicest thing i have ever seen. i mean talking about your site on this independent coaster site is sooooooooooo wrong. then coaster buzz was nice enough to reject his request for web hosting which my friend didnt get a reply for about...........4 weeks? awww i just love coasterbuzz to death! oh my gosh........i think im about to faint. whooo anyway, thanks you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much coasterbuzz for kicking a nice 13 year-old off the site. buh-bye!!!
Sunday, November 26, 2000 3:11 PM
1. You know the rules... the forums are not to be spammed with ads for sites. We go out of our way to promote sites that we feel add something to the community through the site directory and the contributed news. Sites like Bear-y Tales, Westcoaster, Badnitrus and CoasterGallery have enjoyed publicity because they work with the system the way it was intended to be used.

2. You're right, I haven't set up any sites, because, damn my priorities, I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon with my new wife, moving at work, spending time with family over the holiday and in Atlanta to bring you coverage from IAAPA.

3. I'm glad you enjoy this free service. If it bothers you that much, go build your own site.

Some days I wonder why I bother...

Webmaster/Admin -
Sunday, November 26, 2000 3:42 PM
I didn't know that you could kick people off of the site.
What is life without geniuses?

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