Coaster using VR apps... AMAZING!!!

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OK I know adding VR helmets is the new hawt trend on old ghetto coasters, but I got a Gear VR for Xmas and of course had to try out some coaster stuff at home. It is freaking AWESOME. So if you have a Samsung phone, you can get the Gear VR for a comparatively low price (under $100) and there is some amazing coaster stuff to be done.

The one that really blew my mind... there is a free app called "Samsung VR" with all types of different videos filmed with 3D VR cameras. One of the new featured ones is a video of riding Tatsu at SFMM. It is seriously the most amazing video I have ever viewed. It let's you look up, down, behind you. It gives you the stomach-drop feeling on the drops, gets you feeling off-balance and almost makes you feel the G-forces on the ride. The brain really is a powerful thing.

I had my buddy try it out who cannot ride coasters at all due to motion sickness. Within 10 seconds he had to take off the helmet because the experience was too real and he was feeling sick. If you try to experience the video standing up it is hard to stay standing at some points. It is really amazing.

Anyone else got to try "riding" any coasters at home using a VR helmet?

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Yeah. Count me in with your buddy. The coaster stuff makes me queazy. I think too much real world experience with coasters makes me too aware that I'm not feeling any of the forces I should be and it screws with me.

The VR has a bunch of cool apps, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly around here. Gear VR goggles have been collecting dust on my desk for quite a while now.

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I rode the Valravn Google Cardboard ride before Valravn opened and found that it could give me vertigo under the wrong conditions. No thanks. I got a Samsung Gear VR headset that I'm trying to unload. New in box. No desire to even open the thing. Any takers, I'll let it go for below market. $40.

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I've actually found a lot of good games I've been spending a lot of time with. All of them $5 or less. If motion sickness or vertigo is a problem for you, there are definitely games out there for you. Games like "Land's End" or "Annie Amber", which are really unique, slow moving exploration/puzzle games.

Then there's a couple 3rd party coaster building games I'm about to delve into. Excited.

Tommytheduck you'll have no problem selling one at that price. If you can't find any takers here, use eBay.

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Digression: Six Flags Fiesta Texas will offer VR on its drop tower in 2017.

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^^ The premise of the proposed VR Drop Tower is pretty crazy. On the way up, the VR video has you travelling through the human body via the digestive system, teaching you about human physiology in a new exciting way. For the drop, you virtually journey out of the human body... via the anus

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Sounds like a Fiesta, for sure.

Sphincter says what?

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