Coaster TV Shows?

Thursday, November 23, 2000 8:39 AM
What has happened to all of the coaster TV shows. It seemed like there were so many on last year, but now there are none.

Does anyone know where I can purchase videos of coaster shows?
Thursday, November 23, 2000 10:46 AM
Well, you know the coaster riding season is for the most part over with for the year.Most of these were shown on either the Discovery Channel,The Learning Channel and the History Channel. Most are available through the Discovery channel. Check out their website. I believe it's www
Friday, November 24, 2000 12:33 PM
Just wondering if anyone would want to trade coaster video tapes. Just recorded copies from tv I have a few from the discovery, learning, and travel channels.

Thursday, November 30, 2000 2:23 PM
I checked the discovery channel listings and I saw that there will be 4 coaster shows on Dec.24. On TLC at 7,8,and 9 o'clock p.m. there will be coaster shows. On the travel channel at 5p.m. there will be one on.

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Friday, December 1, 2000 6:28 AM
Ok here you go! Your complete VCR alert for Decemeber 2000!

Date time is in EST/PST Channel

Backstage @ Universal Studios Orlando
19 Noon Travel
19 9pm Travel
23 6pm Travel

Extreme Rides 2000
19 8pm Travel
19 11pm Travel
23 5pm Travel

Greatest Threill Rides
24 8pm TLC
24 11pm TLC

Secret World of Amusement Parks
24 2am TLC

Thrill Rides
24 11:30pm Discover Home/Leisure
25 7:30am Discover Home/Leisure
25 3:30pm Discover Home/Leisure

Thrill Rides Designing Fear
24 1am TLC
24 10pm TLC

Top 10 Coasters
20 1am TLC
20 10pm TLC
24 5pm TLC

Ultimate 10 Thrill Rides
24 12am TLC
24 9pm TLC

Wild Rides
20 8pm Travel
20 9pm Travel

World's Best Thrill Parks
20 12am TLC
20 9pm TLC
24 4pm TLC

-Get those VCRs going, this is going to be a good month. Don't cha think?


Scorching the Competition in 2001
Saturday, December 2, 2000 9:10 AM
Why are there so many on Christmas Eve?
Saturday, December 2, 2000 9:26 AM
People are going to be home and watching T.V.

Also a lot of coaster lovers are fealing the need for coasters.

What is life without geniuses?
Monday, December 4, 2000 11:21 AM
Nothing can beat opening gifts and and whiching roller coasters all at the same time!
Monday, December 4, 2000 2:39 PM
Merry Xmas! Man, you guys are soooo lucky. I'm Australia's No.1 Coaster Fan & live in Sydney where there is only one show on cable that has coasters - Extreme Machines.

I'm ashamed that Aussie's tallest coaster is a paltry 137.8 ft in height! Luna Park Big Dipper. Only the 380' tall Tower of Terror LSM Reverse Freefall kinda softens this. It's not a proper full circuit coaster.

You have the best coasters on the planet!
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