Coaster Trippin: ILL, SRM, OH, PA, (5/28-6/08/03)

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To start off I usualy do this trip at the end of May 28th-June 8th. I drove over 4,000 miles. I did a total of 8 parks during that week. I left Minnesota around 8pm to Six Flags Great America which was my first park of the 8. I got there around 1245am, nice night driving. I maid a U turn at the very last minute and decided to go to Great America on Thursday vrs Sunday because of crowds. I usualy stay at the Baymont Inn which is 5 minutes from the park. During the trip weather was not so great at times.

May 29th: Six Flags Great America my 4th return to the park. I arrived at Great America around 9:30am. Saw my first sighting of Superman Ultimate Flight. That was the very fist thing we did. I hopped in the que line around 10:30am. Waited about 1/2 hour. I sat in the 3rd row from the front. The only thing I liked about Superman was the prizel dive loop which was fun. For my first B&M flyer I say 10/10:). Glad I did Superman right away later in the day it was a 3 hour wait at times with only 2 trains. x1lap

After Superman headed towards Raging Bull x4laps. Sat in the 3rd row from the front. 35 minute wait. Followed by Raging Bull went towards Viper x5laps which was a walk on for the part of the morning. 20 minute wait time.

As the day went on manged to ride almost everything expect Deja Vu which was down. Batman The Ride 4 laps, V2 Vertical Velocity (2 laps), Whizzer is a fun one :) 3 laps, Demon 1 lap, Iron Wolf not one of my favorites 1 lap, American Eagle 2 laps backwards. Red was down during the day. I think picked a right day to go finaly. Everything through out the day was a hour to 45 minute wait. I had a pretty good day at Six Flags Great America crowds were decent. Next left Gurnnee headed to Holiday World SRM :).

May 30th-May 31st: Holiday World (Stark Raven Mad 2003). I arrived after driving all night on I-65 South to Santa Claus. I got there around 4am. We stayed at Motel 6 which is in Dale I belive. Very nice rooms and clean. Realy just neaded a place to sleep ;). May 30th first day of SRM. I spent the whole day at HW. Realy enjoyed the new rides. Hollowswings was great. Nice themeing. Managed to ride the new (S&S) Liberty Launch which was cool :)! After that was all lap riding on The Legend & The Raven. Pretty much spend the whoel day riding Raven & Legend. My favorite place to sit on Legend is defently in the back. Around 7:30pm was dinner time. The pizza was very tastie :)! After eating headed for ERT. Night rides were even better and faster. 1030pm finaly came around and headed back to Motel 6 to sleep ;) for SRM day #2.

May 31st: Again samething spent the whole day at Holiday World expecting for SRM day 2. One thing I notice when I was eating dinner, I heard some sirens. Thinking an accident may have happend hear. Feel sorry for the lost of the person who got ejected from Raven. SRM day 2 was cancelled. I will return for Stark Raven Mad in 2004 for my 3rd. Holiday World is a fun place to spend the day :)! Raven Laps 15, Legend Laps 20. Left HW at 9pm because of the accident headed towards park #3 Indiana Beach :).

Sunday, June 1st: Indiana Beach
My 2nd return to IB. Weather was great for IB, crowds fairly light. First thing I did was headed towards Lost Coaster Superstious Mountain. To be honest this was not one of my favorites. Great themeing. The ride was rough at times only one train operation. Lost Coaster 2 laps. Next headed towards Cornball managed to ride 10 laps in the morning. Cornball has some nice air time and strong turns. After Cornball went on Hoosier Hurricane 5 laps. It's a favorite but not a lot of air. Around 1pm at lunch by Lost Coaster and had there famous beef buritous. Very good :)! IB has some of the best foods selections. Returning to IB in 2004 :)! By 3pm left IB and headed to Cedar Point :). Just had to stop there for Dragster. Arrived at CP around 1am. We stayed at the Melrose Motel on Hwy 6 which was a nice place to stay. $40.00 a night.

Monday, June 2nd (Cedar Point)
My annual trip out to Cedar Point every summer. Basicaly knowing Dragster has technical difficalties I had to stop. I get free admission to Cedar Point working with Cedar Fair. Arrived at CP around 9:30am. First thing was headed towards Top Thrill Dragster.

Top Thrill Dragster (10/10) :)! (4 Laps :)! All Day! I did get in the que line around 10am. We waited 4 1/2 hours finaly got off at 1:45pm. Reason was it broke down 4 times while we waited in line. I had all week in the Ohio area. We had to go through 5 different que areas to get towards the front. I did managed to sit in the 2nd row towards the front. Those trains are sexy ;)! You basicaly have 4 minutes to prepaire you're self for the launch. Getting very nervous after departing from the station ready for launch! The launch on TTD was the most very intense launches I have ever been on. Dragster was very smooth and I was very impressed with the magnectic braking system. Going over the top was very fun and the twist on the way down was neat. That's all we did at Cedar Point on that day was for Top Thrill Dragster.

Tuesday, June 3rd (Sx Flags Worlds of Adventure). My 4th visit to the park. Left Cedar Point around 10pm and arrived there around 11:20pm. We stayed at the Six Flags Motel near WOA. I did finaly picked a good day for WOA. Weather was lousey. Rain during the morning and cleared in the afternoon. Everything was pretty much walk on's. Managed to ride 8 laps on Batman Knight Flight in the morning. The Villian didnt open till 11am. Raging Wolf Bobs still very rough I noticed they added The Villian train on Raging Wolf Bobs. Finaly headed towards The Villain walk on 7 laps. As the day moved on X Flight hour wait 1 lap. Superman The Escape 4 laps, Double Loop 1 lap, Roadrunner Xpress 1 lap, Serrial Thriller 2 laps. The park closed at 7pm. Head a good stay this time. Everything was open. Left WOA at 7pm park closing time head towards Michigans Adventure.

Wednesday, June 4th (Michigans Adventure)
This is my 2nd return to Michigans Adventure. I get free admission with working for Cedar Fair. Spent the whole day at Michigans Adventure. Everything was walk on's. Not to busy during the week. I pretty much spent the whole day riding Shivering Timbers. Plenty of air time on this :)! Very fast, smooth. 15 laps. We also did Wolvering Wildcat 4 laps, followed by you're standerd arrow Corkscrew 2 laps and Wild Mouse. Hopeing to see a hyper for Michigans Adventure like Wild Thing or Steel Force in the near future. Left Michigans Adventure around 4pm headed to Kennywood :)!

Thursday, June 5th (Kennywood) Moring till mid afternoon. My 2nd return to Kennywood. Weather again was raining or light showers through out the day. Realy the weather wasnt that great during my trip. Park opened at 10:30am. I only stay till mid afternon than went to Idlewild. First thing I did was Thunderbolt walk on. Sat in the front row. Love these classics. How come you cant ride single on Thunderbolt? After Thunderbolt headed to Phantoms Revenge. 1/2 hour wait with one train running. Sat in the front seat. There is air time on this ride and a nice strong helix 2 laps. Later in the morning managed to ride Jack Rabbit 2 laps, Kennywood Racers 2 laps, Exterminator and Pit Fall was fun great viewing. Kennywood is a fun place to visit probably will return in 2004. Left Kennywood around 130pm drove to Idlewild Park which is 45 minutes.

Thursday, June 5th (Idlewild ParK) Afternoon till close 7pm. My very fist visit to Idlewild Park. This place was cool to visit. Nice friendly family type of park. What makes Idlewild fun is it's by a river and in thick tree's on a mountian side. I will come back to Idlewild in 2004. I rode my first few laps on Rollercoaster there. This is one of the oldest wooden coasters I have ridden. It's short but still packs a punch. After that headed to Wild Mouse. This was a fun one probably one of the best Wild Mouse coaster's I have been on. Later on we walked the park and ate and spent time on some of the flat rides. Very cool place to visit :)! Left Idlewild at closing headed back to Cedar Point time for coastermainina :).

Friday, June 6th (Cedar Point, Coastermainia).
My 2nd coastermainia. By this time I realy didnt get much sleep at all. I arrived at Cedar Point around 4am and left at 1am after Millennium Force ERT. In the morning we did ERT on Miillennium Force because Dragster was down (:. 1 lap of ERT for Millennium. After that went to Power Tower 1 Turb Drop ride and Space Shot. Followed by that rest of the morning was 1 lap ERT on Blue Streak. Next I managed to do 8 ERT Raptor flights :)! As the day moved on managed to ride everything. Disaster Transport 5 laps in the morning one of my favorites, Wicked Twister 3 laps, Iron Dragon 2 laps, Gemini 2 laps, Woodstock Express 1 ride, Corkscrew 1 ride, Cedar Creek Mine Ride 5 laps, Mean Streak 4 laps, Magnum Xl 200, 5 laps. Did not manage to ride Top Thrill Dragster down during the day. ERT during the evening was also great. Back on Magnum Xl 200, Wicked Twister and Millennium Force by 11pm. By 1am I was pretty tired and warn out from the trip it self. We left Sandusky and head home. I had to cut the trip short because of lodging expensses and gas money.

So my missed parks were: Paramounts Kings Island (BeastBuzzCon 03), sorry I was not able to be there.

Also missed Knoebles Grove, Williams Grove were further east than I thought. Next year I will visit the them. I had a pretty good time. End of August 26th-30th back out to Cedar Point again :)! Is that the best time to go? Thanks For Reading.

9 Years working at Valleyfair :)! Club member 437.
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Nice intense TR. Nice to meet you at SRM as well.

Rob - who misses HW and CP more than pretty much anyone.
Hair Metal? I think not. - Click it, or lose it. ;)

Sounds like a great trip! Going to Pennsylvania then back to Cedar Point must have added some miles to the trip!

-Sean Newman

Man, just looking at the TR makes me feel a bit exhausted! So you went from CP back to Muskegon and then to PA? Wow. I guess I'm glad I didn't go shotgun after all. Besides, I woulda vanished @ MiA, SFWOA and HW day 2 for all-day wave-moshing.

And no Big Chief's? Say it isn't so! How can any serious coaster trip start from MN without kneeling before the one-eyed king of all lumber? Heretic! Heretic!


The CPlaya 100--6 days, 9 parks, 47 coasters, 2037 miles and a winner.....LoCoSuMo.

Nasai: Were did I meet you at SRM. Were we sitting by each other during the dinner time on Saturday along with the other CBuzzers?

SFgadvMan: Since I had a week. I did some serious driving back and fourth on I-80 Ohio turnpike and I-76 PA turnpike to visit the PA parks.

CoastaPlaya: Reason I didnt hit the Wisconsin Dells or Big Chief's which were planned. It was due to the cost of the trip which was close to $1,000 big one's ;). So I had to miss a few parks.

After leaving 6Flags Great America it's around 770 miles to Santa Claus, Indiana. HW.

Cedar Point trip: Round 3. August 26th-30th. This time staying at the lighthouse point cabins area :)!

9 Years working at Valleyfair :)! Club member 437.

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