Coaster Track Spotted in Ohio

Was on I-75 in Sharonville today when I saw what looked like B&M track going I-75 North from IR-275 West. It had orange spine with Yellow Track....or yellow Spine with orange track, cant really remember which. I believe I counted 3 sections of track on a flat bed truck. Anybody know any coasters announced that have that color scheme?
Maybe it was yellow-yellow (Dominator) heading to Kings Dominion?

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Thunderhawk is yellow and orange but definitely not a B&M, my guess would be Dominator.
Not entirely sure about that color scheme, but maybe Behemoth? There was a similar thread on here last week sometime, B&M leaving Cincy up 75 heading for the Detroit border crossing. That would be my guess, anyways.
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(More) Behemoth track?

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The only orange and yellow B&M I know is being built is Behemoth. I'm not familiar with the area so I don't know if that's a route that the track would travel.
Yeah, the track plant is off 275 near Batavia. That's Behemoth track heading up to Detroit to cross into Canada.
Here's the other thread, and Behemoth seemed to be the concensus here... FWIW.

...unless Dominator's track is being repainted somewhere in Ohio before being shipped to Virginia?
^Then why in the world would the track be heading up I-75 North?

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In the direction of a lot of other yellow and orange track at that?

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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And the fact that there is already non-repainted Dominator track in KD's parking lot at that?
I don't know... I haven't been studying the situation with boundless zeal. I just offered another idea.

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