Coaster Stock @ Carowinds

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In going through the parks within a drive from me, I stumbled upon this event at Carowinds.

Coaster Stock - July 24th

Seems they are doing their own coaster event (non-group sponsored). Looks interesting for the $16 Season pass holder price.

They say the cost includes:
Jammed-packed with behind-the-scenes tours, competitions, games,Q&A sessions, and we can’t forget the ERT in the morning and theNight ERT after the park is cleared. Admission includes a BBQall-you-can-eat buffet from 11:30am-1pm in Plaza 2.

We decided to go for it since we wanted to go down there anyways.. Be interesting to see how many turn out for it, and how the event goes.

Anyone else hear any more information on this, like rides that will be open during the "E"RT? (stole that from Jeff).

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You'd stumble upon it sooner if you looked at the club page or listened to the podcast. :)

It's a new event, so it's hard to say what you'll encounter there, but I suspect it'll be a good time.

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Considering Kings Island's event was pretty "E", I'm sure this will be even better!!

Also, Carolina Cobra is a guarantee as is Nighthawk and the good stuff should all be there!

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Must have been the part of the podcast I dozed off during ;)

But yeah, I realize its asking a lot being a new event.. I was moreso interested in if anyone heard what coasters would be open for the morning and evening as I suspect it wont be all of them for the morning and all of them for the evening..

Basically, if I can roll in for one or the other ERT what would I get...

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"E"xclusive...took me a few minutes to figure that one out, ti.

I'm waiting until next year to visit Carowinds, when they get their new coaster. It's nice to hear that they will have a coaster event.

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Is it a guarantee that they will have it next year? I think that depends on how many people show up this year.

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^That would be pretty silly decision-making to NOT have an event the year you open a big new attraction because you failed to get good attendance the year PRIOR to opening said attraction....IMO. ;)

I think what this park needs is a CoasterBuzz exclusive event next year if they are getting a new coaster. I think Jeff mentioned something about the employee that is organizing coaster stock, maybe they would be willing to have our group in 2010!! My wife and I have never been to this park but sounds like it would be a great time. We could have the CoasterBuzz Spring Affair there in 2010. Count us in for 2!

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We don't have "exclusive" events. We run some of them ourselves, but they're open to anyone. The truth is that a lot of parks like to do one generalized event, which frankly is less work for everyone. There are some exceptions.

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Just a little idea of what we "think" Carowinds is getting, or similar. Pretty sure it's B&M and it will follow a similar path along the edge of the park.

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