Coaster on the front of textbooks

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Just to add to the details that confirm it ... check out the guy's hands at the "top" of the train, definitely going away from you, and you can see a slight twist to the left at the top of the loop, indicating a cobra roll. Add that to the pine trees (most likely a northern climate) and the Mine Train hill and you got Medusa East (one of the best if I do say so myself ;) )

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It looks like Chang, but in a wa it also looks like Medusa. That reminds me of my Algebra 1 Textbook, it had Montu's loop on the front cover and it had alot about roller coasters. It said that Superman-Ride of Steel was the tallest coaster in the world and one of the fastest (the textbook was made in 1999). Boy was it old!
My old Algebra book had the white Corkscrew coaster at Seaworld Australia...don't know how they found that one.

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What is with algebra and their connection with roller coasters?

My First Algebra Book had Colossus of SFMM, and my Algebra II book had Lochness Monster of BGE.

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