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This year I finally got my son over his fear of heights and on some coasters and now he's hooked. He wears his Beast shirt to school about once a week now. I might have to have a talk with him about that but anyway, I want to get him a coaster kit for Christmas. He's 12. Something we can build together and actually works. I've got a 7 year old son too and if we could get something that he could play with some too that would be great. Any ideas? Thanks

I don’t know if you can get them outside of the park, but I saw The Beast models in a few of the shops this year. I’ve never done a model but was really tempted to try it.

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They aren’t cheap, but

You’re going to find what you’re looking for, there.

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CoasterDynamix nanocoasters are really cool desktop displays. I have Millennium Force (non-painted) and The Beast and I plan to collect more. If you're looking for actual working models, they do have some pretty decent ones, but unfortunately they no longer carry their really cool Dragon and Scorpion products, which were modeled after B&M inverted coasters and had a very authentic look. You might find one on eBay but they are very pricey -- one Scorpion model (which is the smaller one) I just found is listed for $600.

K'NEX is another good option. If you go to their website you'll find various roller coaster and amusement ride kits. The roller coasters they offer now are a little goofy and not realistic looking, but they're affordable and are working models that can be fun for little kids. K'NEX used to have a model called Screamin' Serpent that had a really nice track construction and cars with realistic wheel carriers. If you look on YouTube, pretty much every custom K'NEX coaster you'll see uses these track pieces and cars. You can probably find the original Screamin' Serpent kit on eBay for under $100.

For those ages, I would recommend the CDX blocks from coaster dynamics. You can then build what ever adventure you want to, take it apart, and built it again. Plus, it's Lego compatible, so you can build a whole theme park.

There is also Faller Models line of HO scale amusement rides. Here is the current list of what they offer.

They have made other rides in the past, their production is typically limited run. Old new stock can be available from several model railroad suppliers

Thank you all for your input. Very helpful. Those nano coasters look nice for display models. Does anyone know what they retail at the parks for? I don't mind someone making a few bucks on Ebay but within reason

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They run about $30. I’ve got a few and plan on getting more. I love them.

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You can buy a few of the Nano Coaster models directly from the manufacturer:

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Has anybody suggested going to the CoasterDynamix website yet?

I don’t think so. What’s the link?

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They're not inexpensive, but

You’re going to find what you’re looking for, there.

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And of course there's always the Lego models. The Roller Coaster was a great build, and huge. They release about one Amusement park ride model a year, it seems. They also have plenty of Disney sets as well, including the castle, which is probably our favorite set that we own.

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Or Maverick.

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Tons of options here:

Might need to clear a few building codes first, though.

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Just steal a Go-Gator.

Now we're talking! One of those boomerangs would fit nicely in the backyard. I bet I don't have to worry about building codes if it's not attached to my house. Especially if I can prove it's for agricultural purposes. Maybe I can mount a spray rig to it and say it's just an elaborate way to spray my garden.

Are they into Legos? Lego offers their complete set and there's the Coaster CDX sets. I would check out (search roller coaster) for the individual Lego track pieces.

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I was just looking at the coasterdynamix website and it looks like they are trying to do a limited release of their original Dragon model coaster. If you never got one or want another this might be your opportunity. Merry Christmas

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