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Friday, June 27, 2003 4:39 PM
I know it is about 8:40 when this will be posted. I couldn't stay for the night ERT. I will be doing the TR in Bulletpoint.

ARRIVED: I got there at 7:45. The lot was supposed to open at 7:30. It opened with in a few minutes and we went in to get our Coaster Madness 2003 "lanyard" and tickets.

PARK APPEARANCE/ATMOSPHERE: The back half of the park is very nicely shaded if you take the very most right walk-way to Steel Force. The front half of the park is basically open. They have planted some trees and I give them credit they are trying, but it isn't giving any real shade. Since it was very hot today (90), it was very uncomfortable until I got a spray fan.

RIDE QUEUE TIMES: Walk-ons for the coasters and twenty minutes for the water rides. Dominator had about a 5-10 minute wait. There were always a few people over at Skyscaper because of the 50% off discount they gave everyone.

BEST EXPERIENCE: Best experience would have to go to Skyscraper probably. Nothing really stood out that much. Skyscraper was really fun and at the price of ten dollars for two people it was hard to turn down.

MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE: The water rides. It was cold water but when you got back out on the midway it felt great. All three water rides were open with fairly small lines. I did Thunder Canyone and White Water Landing.

Another suprise was the picnic lunch. I wasn't really expecting much from it but the food variety was nice and the food itself was not too bad either. The auction was a little weird because two people one twice. I didn't win anything though. I stayed for the auction and the guest speakers. It was hard to hear the guest speakers and I was sitting in the very front like five feet from them.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: I would have to say the heat. I know, I know it had a lot to do with my day. Everyhting else was basically what I remembered from my last visit.

COASTER RANKINGS: I'm not going to really give number ranking but I'll explain them.

I got four rides on Talon. It was really intense except for one ride. The bad ride was in the back actually. I remembered to be awesome in the back but it felt like it was dragging behind the whole train and going very slow. Steel Force just as I remembered it. Nice layout but the ride wasn't delivering any airtime and it felt like it was lacking something. Laser had no wait and I rode it once. The loops are OK but the rest of the ride is rough and boring I think. Hercules was actually running great! There was a little air in the front and it really wasn't rough. I was suprised because I hated it last year and though it was really rough. Nothing really to say about Wild Mouse. I also took a lap on Dragon Coaster and the operator let me take my camcorder on ride. It was pretty vicious for a kiddie coaster!


OTHER COMMENTS: When I was going through the entrance on Hercules I was holding my camcorder and the operator asks me if I want to record the ride. I told her no. Then I asked if I could. She said it would be OK but don't get caught! That suprised me a little...

Thanks for reading.

-Sean Newman
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Friday, June 27, 2003 5:46 PM
I'm back from Coaster Madness as well. I would have liked the night rides on Hercules ;) and Talon but the heat did me in.

The highlight of my day was winning the Talon Polo shirt durring the catered meal! :)

The one thing I realized is that Dorney is lacking in the flat rides. I think 2 or 3 new ones would be better for the park then a new coaster.

I had a good time while I was there but the heat did me in.

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Friday, June 27, 2003 6:34 PM
Congrats on the shirt, I saw you go up there...My girlfriend had her eyes on the snoopy, but unfortunately, no luck...

Overall, I had a great day, and I agree the lunch was very good. I liked the Skyscraper a lot, and thought Dorney was a very nice park. I didn't stay for night ERT either, the heat was brutal, and my late afternoon stay at the waterpark(and the sunburn I got) tired me out so much I left early..

Friday, June 27, 2003 10:46 PM
Lord Gonchar's avatar As short as the waits were today - it was by far the busiest I've seen the park yet this year.


Dorney Park Visits in 2003: 9

Saturday, June 28, 2003 9:41 PM the park can really do somehitng about the heat. Here's an idea to all you people that complain about the wweather...check out the WEATHER CHANNEL before you go!!! Is it that hard to do??

WW is fun. CP_M @ TN and Perfectbowler @ SFN.

Sunday, June 29, 2003 4:14 PM
Johnnyecks - As far as who you are talking about, it's fairly obvious. I know that person EXTREMELY well and the friend that she was with. I cannot speak for their behavior as I was not there, but don't go calling them childish and immature. You are proving that you're on that level by posting this to everyone. Both of those women are two of the nicest people I know. Did it ever occur to you that maybe they didn't want to be attached to people all day? They drove a long time and were on their own agenda. If you wanted someone to hang with all day, you should have brought a friend.
Sunday, June 29, 2003 8:02 PM
Jeff's avatar I'm not one to judge, as I wasn't there, but I hate when people decide to tag along uninvited. Get over it.

Jeff - Webmaster/Admin - -
DELETED! What time does the water show start?

Monday, June 30, 2003 1:37 AM
I apologize to all, and mostly to Jo and Lauren. It was wrong for me to post my feelings here, and it should've been done in a more private manner. I hope that any damage that I have done, I can make up to them in some way. Sorry.
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