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I got to wondering about something.....does a coaster's life depend on where it is and/or how often used?

Coasters on the east coast work basically 4 months out of the year and are put in "storage" (which for some parks mean the parking lot) for the winter. These coasters have to contend with different extreme weather conditions when running, as well as snow and ice when they sit in storage.

Coasters on the west coast work year round. Little rain. Not such drastic weather/temperature changes.

Is it better for a coaster to work year round or just 4 months? Is West coast life better for a coaster? Does it mean the BTR at SFMM could outlive the BTR at SFGrtAdv?

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Seems to me the increased usage offsets the weather conditions for the trackage, but the trains suffer from the year-round operations. (see: Gwazi trains).

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