Coaster idea?

Just wondering whether a coaster idea I have been thinking about is plausible... It's for an imaginary Hong Kong Disneyland Resort second-gate that I have been posting about on MiceChat (yes, lame, I know).

The concept in a way is a modern Matterhorn Bobsleds, but rather than spiraling around a mountain, my ride would be more like the real thing - set in a bobsled run (with highly banked curves).

So the technical side of things is what I'm not-so-good at... Does the following sound like a possibility?

I want to have the actual tubular tracks out-of-sight, underneath the "ice" surface of the run. I'm thinking that the train would be on mini-stilts so that when you look at the run all you see are two cracks under which is the track... I hope this is making sense?!

The train wouldn't actually touch the "ice", but would sit a couple inches above it.

Also, I want to simulate the motion of going down an ice halfpipe and moving from one bank across to the other in a slalem kind of motion, but with the train facing forward the whole time... on a different axis I guess.

Does this sound at all possible?

- Bryce

Lol yes I've seen that sort of thing before, but (unless I'm really mistaken?) those trains aren't actually on a tubular track, are they??

This needs to be on a track so that it can have block brakes.

- Bryce

Ok I understand what your saying. You basically want to merge the look of the picture kpjb posted with the functionality of a tubular rollercoaster. I'm sure it could be done the way you have described, but the "stilts" you have talked about must be extremely strong in order to accomidate all of the forces. The need for these stilts to be slender would possibly be the only major problem that would arrise with this type of design.

Free-running bobsled coasters already have block brakes... no track required. See here and here.

Thanks PhantomTails, I didn't know that.

"You basically want to merge the look of the picture kpjb posted with the functionality of a tubular rollercoaster."

Yes, that's it. The coaster would travel at much higher speeds and have much larger more sweeping curves. The track would be much longer than any ordinary bobsled coaster I have seen and could use LIMs to maintain speed.

Also, I know that they are perfectly safe, but I just can't see Disney going for a free-running coaster for some reason.

Thanks for the help!

- Bryce

Could you have different types of cars depending on the rider's preference. Say, a luge-type or for the total thrill junkie, a skeletion-type (think luge, but face forward on your stomach?

As for the stilts, you'd have to have steel, but the real issue wouldn't be the material itself, it'd be the weld or bolts holding them to the trucks.

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Sounds like a double railed steeplechase with theming might work. Something like the old Soap Box Derby cars from Knott's Berry Farm with a bob sled theme.

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Someone posted a similar ride concept a while back that modeled a car chase (ala Bullit) through San Francisco. Cars careened down streets. They were attached via "stilts" through a slot in the pavement to bogies on tracks that ran below the street. That way they could simulate the jumps and whatnot.

I think your idea is completely plausible, but not really necessary since it would be easier to build a trough style bobsled. Then again, Knoebel's might beg to differ. Also, perhaps you could get more speed with your design.

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Also I think Test Track is somewhat like what you are thinking about. the automobile wheels above the road are mostly for show and the real driving is under the track

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That is absolutely not true. Each Test Track vehicle generates its own power, 250 HP, actually, through use of an electro-hydraulic motor.

And each Test Track vehicle has more computing power on board than the space shuttle Columbia had on her maiden voyage.

One of the things that delayed Test Track's opening (Its late opening is notorious among Disney park fans) was the tires on the vehicles wearing out too fast because they are subjected to so many miles and so much stress from the rapid acceleration and braking. They had to develop special tires that are layered and wear out one layer at a time.

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Yes, I think that's crazy. All they are really using now is a slightly modified racing slick. When it was in initial testing/soft opening, it was using standard tires, that were having to be replaced every day or so. Now these last considerably longer.

What I find amazing is that each one of the test cars drives a little more than 50,000 miles every year, and they won't need major replacement until they've hit 1 million miles.

Believe it or not, there's more computing power on that ride (possibly even in one car) than in all of Magic Kingdom. :-D

I did not know that. Cool facts Raven.

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Raven-Phile said:
Believe it or not, there's more computing power on that ride (possibly even in one car) than in all of Magic Kingdom.

To be fair, Magic Kingdom isn't home to any really high-tech attractions. Most rides there can get by with just an off-the-shelf PLC with a good programmer behind it.


I say take a ride on the Winnie The Pooh ride, at Tokyo Disney before you make any kind of judgement call like that. It might just be the best dark ride of Disney's that I've every been on.

Okay, I agree. Yes it does sound possible;

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I think it would be cool to have some of the crazy coasters my sons' build on Rollercoaster tycoon! I often wonder if they could really work!

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As long as his version of the Evel Knievel coaster really doesn't have a train load of coaster enthusiasts jumping 15 school buses, or the Snake River Canyon.

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So, when will you be presenting your idea to Disney?

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