"Coaster Hits" 70's 80's 90's and Today

Monday, August 11, 2003 3:11 PM
This is my count down: 70's 1. Beast 2. Gemini 3. Lochness monster 80's 1. Magnum 2.Shockwave 3. The Bat 90's 1. Raptor 2. Medusa 3. Shirvering Timbers Now 1. X 2. TTD 3. Superman SFNE

These were and are my personal favorites for the era they were created.

What's your list

The "FAB 5" needs to give Mean Streak a "makeover"
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Monday, August 11, 2003 3:26 PM
Is this by best coaster in that time or most innovative coaster in that time?

1-S:RoS @ SFNE
2-Boulder Dash
3-Yankee Cannonball

Monday, August 11, 2003 3:28 PM
Viper opened in 1990.

What do I Listen-To?
May the Schwarz be with you.

Monday, August 11, 2003 3:51 PM
Well I really think SFMM's Revolution as the world's first successful looping coaster should be in there for the 70's.

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Monday, August 11, 2003 6:34 PM
90's: Where is Batman the Ride? Hits are usually played over and over... and over.

80's: The Bat? Hits don't suddenly disappear when they're on the playlist. Not even R. Kelly.

70's: How about The Racer? Or Screaming Eagle? Or the original Corkscrew?

When making top-whatever lists, try to avoid VH1's mistake of ignoring the past. Most of your picks opened at the end of the decade they opened in.

Come on fhqwhgads!

Monday, August 11, 2003 6:51 PM
The best hits were in the 20s.

(shaking head) Todays youth....

Monday, August 11, 2003 7:06 PM
20's probably Crystal Beach Cyclone but of courtse that's just speculation.

The "FAB 5" needs to give Mean Streak a "makeover"

Monday, August 11, 2003 9:10 PM
20's... all 3 Cyclones... the ones that were SIMILAR to CBC...
Monday, August 11, 2003 10:21 PM
Whats the criteria here?
Tuesday, August 12, 2003 12:05 AM

Snap43 said:
Whats the criteria here?

Going to take a wild guess and say:

List your three favorite coasters from the era in which they were built, starting with the 70s, and going through today.

70s: 1. Beast 2. Gemini 3. Lochness monster
80s: 1. Magnum 2.Shockwave 3. The Bat
90s: 1. Raptor 2. Medusa 3. Shirvering Timbers
00s: 1. X 2. TTD 3. Superman SFNE

Not "what was your favorite coaster in 1970" but "what is your favorite coaster from the 1970s"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003 1:46 PM
You got it

The "FAB 5" needs to give Mean Streak a "makeover"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003 3:29 PM
70s: Revolution, Mind Bender(SFoG),Gemini

80s:Big Bad Wolf,Vortex,Magnum

90s:Raven,BTR SFGam,Kumba

00s:MF,Hypersonic XLC,Legend


Tuesday, August 12, 2003 4:16 PM
70's : I'd say Revolution, and the Arrow corkscrews

80's : Um, I was born in the 80's... so whatever coasters I rode messed up my head

90's : Hypers (Magnum) and B&M (BTR, Iron Wolf... etc)

"Today" : Intamin (MF and the SROS gang)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003 1:09 PM
70's Great American Revolution, Knott's Berry's Corkscrew,Beast

80's King Cobra, Big Bad Wolf, Intamin's Free falls (not really a coaster)

90's Batman SFGAM, Raven, Ridler's Revenge

Now TTD, Son Of Beast, X

It's all about Coleman Spas

Wednesday, August 13, 2003 7:34 PM

Dawg ByteII Said: the ones that were SIMILAR to CBC...
Are you saying there was something wrong with the original? ;)

Now tell me Cedar Point is running out of space.

Thursday, August 14, 2003 3:18 PM
There's another way to look at this. Which coasters captured the imagination of the media and the general public when they opened? In this paradigm...

l. Coming out of the sixties, two Pittsburgh parks reigned supreme. Kennywood had the Jackrabbit, Racers and Pippin. West View had the Dips and Whippet. People came from everywhere to ride those.

2. In the early seventies Cedar Point started growing and Kings Island replaced Coney Island. Kennywood met that competition by rebuilding Pippin into Thunderbolt, which was declared the new top wooden coaster.

3. Then, one by one, you had the rise of the steelers and the birth of The Beast, Mean Streak, Shivering Timbers, and lately Raven, Legend, Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball Express. In the year each debuted, it received most of the attention. On the steeler side, one by one, you had the Phantom, various loopers, The Bat, Magnum, Millenium, Top Gun, the whole Busch Garden array, and Phantom's Revenge. In the year each debuted, it received most of the attention.

4. The truth is, the daily newspapers and general magazines focus on coasters in a narrow geographic area. Ohio and Pennsylvania parks receive a disproportionate share of attention. Enthusiasts may know about coasters all over the nation, but the general public does not.

Remember, I'm not evaluating coasters here. I'm just mentioning which ones got the most attention.

Friday, August 15, 2003 11:38 AM
I believe Millennium Force should be on 2000's.

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