Coaster Gallery adds Morey's Piers pictures

Posted | Contributed by CaptainJoel

The Coaster Gallery now has over 800 pictures, and even more will be added in the next couple of weeks. Check back soon for new pictures, new parks, a new web site address, and much more!

Link: Coaster Gallery

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too bad its not an existing site
or at least thats a broken link
Ack! I hate Xoom pages, they never load correctly for me and they're always so slow.

Chris Boddy
AOL IM- CoasterChris2000
ARRRGGGHHH! I am so sorry that my xoom site is down today.

I promised a new web site address. Here it is!

I don't have many pages up on the new server, but check back soon. I hope that soon I can provide you with a RELIABLE source of roller coaster pictures.

Joel Rogers
Joel's Roller Coaster Gallery
I wish I would have been told about the new site

Randy Hutchinson
You build it, I'll ride it
Jeff's avatar
Joel: I updated your URL in the site database.

Webmaster/Admin -
Thanks Jeff!

Joel Rogers
Joel's Roller Coaster Gallery
I FINALLY got all of the Morey's Piers pictures on the new server at and I am certain that everyone will be able to view them. As far as the other 800 pictures in the Gallery....... I will move them as soon as I possibly can. But for now, we are all stuck with xoom or whatever their new name is!

Thank you everyone for your patience!

Joel Rogers
Joel's Roller Coaster Gallery

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