Coaster Dynamix espanding line of model coasters.

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Just the other day Coaster Dynamix expanded their line of models, now you can currently buy B&M Looping, Floorless, Hyper, and Dive Trains.
Also you can purchase wheels to make the statix models sold at CP, Dorney, and BGE operating models. According to staff their they are currently working on a new kit for these trains.

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Those sure do look great! Even though I'm not exactly the biggest B&M fan.

Would be nice to see a line of 'classic' Anton/Intamin trains. Some old NAD's, even Arrows (they're even more attractive than B&M's to me).

I think GCI could put out toy trains too, and models! But I think they're quite busy!

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So do you also have to change the wheels on the generic trains? (The $45 ones?)
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No thats why they cost more than the statix ones cause they have the good wheels on them

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What, no Stand Up trains? No Flyers?

Ben Ryker

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