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This was our first Coaster enthusiast's event. It did not let us down.

We started out from home at 6:30 on Friday and made it to the park at 9:00 pm. Since the first ERT was to start just after 10:00 we decided to stay toward the front of the park. We started out the evening with a quick plunge on Demon Drop followed by 2 laps on Raptor. Next we headed to Magnum for the ERT. The line was still open to the public so we took a quick walk on ride. After we got off we could have ridden again but decided to wait for the ERT. When the line started to form for the ERT I was shocked at how long it got. I am quite certain that the ERT was the longest line this coaster had seen that day. We did our lap on Maggie and headed over to Maverick before the ERT started for it. When we got there the line was about 100 people deep and getting longer as we waited for the ERT to begin.

Maverick is our favorite coaster at Cedar Point (but not by much) and it did not disappoint. We got 3 laps in before they closed the line at 12:30 pm. As we were leaving the station on our 3 trip we heard them announce that they were no longer guaranteeing front seat rides and asking folks to fill in the other seats. When we got back to the station there were 4 people left waiting in the front 2 rows. Luckily for us we were in row 3 so the 2 rows in front of us had to get up while we rode the final train of the night.

It is a long walk from the back of the park to the main gate in the dark. We got to our car close to 1 and headed off the campground for a short nap before the morning ERT on Millennium Force.

6/5/2009 Ride Count

Magnum 2
Maverick 4
Raptor 2

4:45 came too quickly in the morning. We got up and headed to the park. We grabbed our T-Shirts and headed to Millie for our morning rides. CP had a nice spread of doughnuts and juice for us. This was great since there wasn't anything open outside of the park that early. We got 2 laps on Millie during the ERT before heading to TTD for its 7:00 am opening.

They were only sitting the first 5 rows to make sure the train got over the top hat. We were still hoping for a roll back but did not see one all morning long. During the ERT we got 3 trips on TTD. It was just before 9:00 am and the start of the regular ERT schedule for gold-platinum pass holders. So we headed back to Maverick again. Got 2 rides on Maverick and then decided to try for another ride on Millie. As we got up to Millie it was 5 till 10 so instead we decided on a front row walk on trip on Mantis. After Mantis, we rode Iron Dragon, Blue Streak and a bunch of flat rides in the front of the park. At this point we decided to try for all 17 coasters in one day. So we hit Wicked Twister while we were over there.

Next up was Camp Snoopy for Woodstock Express and Jr Gemini. Since both my daughter and I are too tall for Jr Gemini, we had to ask other parents to borrow their children so we could get the coaster credit. We followed this with quick trips on Magnum, Gemini red & Mean Streak before heading to the front of the park for lunch.

We were quite pleased with the lunch that Cedar Point provided. The giant hotdogs and veggie lasagna were quite good and the strawberry short cake rounded out the meal very well. After lunch we headed over to Disaster Transport & MaxAir before we started to reride more coasters till it was dinner time.

We were supposed to meet some people at East of Chicago Pizza on the causeway, but none of them showed so we enjoyed our pie and the break from the park.

When we got back to Cedar Point we made a B-line for Raptor as it was the only coaster we had not ridden this day. We thought about just waiting for the ERT but the lines had been long for all the other ERTs so we decided to hit it now to make sure we got the credit. Now that we had all 17 coaster credits, we headed back to Millie & Maverick but unfortunately Mav was down so we decided for some more punishment on Mean Streak. It was getting close to 10 at this point and we wanted a night ride on TTD. When we got up there the lines were only half way down the ramps so we decided to ride TTD as many times as we could till the park closed. We got 5 laps in before 11:00 PM. When we got on the last train, I noticed that some people were hanging out at the exit and they were pulling single riders from there to fill the trains. When we got off we joined the crowd at the exit. I noticed the ride-op counting us up. He then called for 1 single rider….and then next 14 people for the last train of the night.

I would have been thrilled if we left the park at this point, but we still had the evening ERT to go. We decided to skip the MaxAir and Blue Streak ERT and just hit the Raptor one. The evening ERT not very well attended so we got 13 laps on Raptor in with only having to get off the train once. When we did finally get off I felt Coaster Drunk and had to sit down for a bit after we got off.

6/6 Coaster Count
Blue Streak 1
Cedar Creek Mine Ride 1
Corkscrew 1
Disaster Transport 1
Gemini Red 1
Iron Dragon 1
JR Gemini 1
Magnum 1
Mantis 1
Maverick 2
Mean Streak 3
Millennium Force 3
Raptor 14
Top Thrill Dragster 10
Wicked Twister 1
Wildcat 1
Woodstock Express 1

We decided to hit the ERT on Sunday before heading home. Maverick was still down but they opened up TTD in its place. Since we had done everything the day before we decided to only ride front row today. We parked at the Soak City lot so we hit TTD and Millie during the ERT and noticed that they were testing Maverick so we waited 5 minutes there before it opened for the day. Next was Mean Streak then off to Maggie for our last trip of the weekend.
6/7 Coaster Count

Magnum 1
Maverick 1
Millennium Force 1
Mean Streak 1
Top Thrill Dragster 1

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