Coaster Con Question.

I will be attending KI on June 28th and from what many have told me that is the same day as coaster con. I have checked the website and it has no mention of anything going on in the park that day. My question is if in fact the convention is that day does it mean I won't be able to ride some of the coasters at KI due to ERT?
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Coaster Con is the 17th-23rd, so it's a non-issue.

But even if it overlapped, rides wouldn't be closed for ERT. There'd just be a higher than usual concentration of coaster dorks running around. ;)

I believe ERT usually occurs before the park opens or after it closes.
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^ It does.

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^But not ALWAYS. ;)

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When it happens during park hours, isn't it usualy "informal takeover time"?

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