CNN video of Kaitlyn Lassiter speaking out (Markey too)

I submitted this to news, but until it gets posted (if it does), I thought I'd post it here as well.

Link here

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This has been headline news all morning on all the local news stations (although, right now I am not home, I am in Gatlinburg, TN). This girl may be the poster child that Markey needed to get traction on this issue. Even the news anchors were saying that it would be a good idea to have more safety at the parks.

Certain victory.

What kind of question is "How has losing both of your legs affected you?"
MARKEY should be impeached IMHO and I hope Kaitlyn realizes shes being used for political gain. This guys not working on real problems like skyrocketing inflation, A energy policy. Just using her to keep his name in the spotlight.
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You nailed it, KTS. Markey finally found the perfect case (and victim) to push his legislation.

I doubt federal regulation is the answer, but it sure seems like the threat of massive lawsuits didn't deter SFKK from cutting corners.

The sad thing is that a real issue will get absolutely buried by sensationalizing and grandstanding by you-know-who.
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^^ Far be it from me to defend a Democratic Congressman like Markey, but he has been working on the energy policy. He is on the Energy and Commerce committee. This is one of his pet issues. Every congressman or congresswoman has some pet issue. This is just one of Markey's. He also has fought against lax security in our airports and he is a champion against the use of torture.

Yes, Kaitlyn is being used for political gain, but every congressman does it. *** Edited 5/15/2008 1:47:28 PM UTC by Kick The Sky***

Certain victory.

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