CNN REPORT! Universal Studios is on fire.

This is being shown on CNN right now. It looks alot worse than the fire back in 92? They think it may have started from a film shoot. *** Edited 6/1/2008 1:48:50 PM UTC by Coasterphan***
Sorry, forgot to mention, it the California studios.
CNN Link to report:

They have a link at the top right of the page now to watch it live

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"King Kong is a total loss."
You can see some of the firefighters trying to get a least some of the contents, of one building, out. Although those contents a rather small, I wonder if they might be films.
MSNBC is reporting that one of the buildings that is 1/3 on fire right now might be a film vault it might very well be films.

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At this point, it seems this is more about containment. I don't see how the the building couls be salvaged after a fire like this. I'm suprised they didn't have a sprinkler system in the building. Though being that it is possibly film storage, the building may have a sprinkler system but not properly protected. Well, now that i read and watched the MSNBC report, if there were an explosion that could overwhelm a sprinkler system as well. Putting multiple fires all over the building at the same time. Something that systems aren't designed to handle. *** Edited 6/1/2008 2:28:49 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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They also have live video here. There is occasional audio. But all you hear is a reporter talking to someone who isn't tied into the feed. So it's just one half of the conversation. It appears to be the same video but slightly ahead of the CNN video. Maybe 20 seconds or so. *** Edited 6/1/2008 2:42:20 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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This appears to be the current location of the fire. *** Edited 6/1/2008 3:01:34 PM UTC by MonkeysTasteGreat***
They lost King Kong!
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In some of the video, it also appeared that some other smaller buildings north of that location were also on fire.

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Currently it appears to be only static cameras feeding the video. The helicopter had to go refuel. Here is some live audio. *** Edited 6/1/2008 3:23:10 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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So, is it done? The news keeps talking about it in past tense.

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I kind of freaked when I heard about this. On the news, they said the fire was centered close to the Dreamworks building, which is practically next door to the production company that is optioning one of my screenplays. But I e-mailed my producer, and she said it only got within a hundred yards or so from their trailers. Smoke damage, but nothing burned.

That's really sad about King Kong though. It's odd, but as many times as I've been to the back lot, I've never actually done any of the theme park. Always just assumed it was identical to the one in Orlando.

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The fire is in the same area as the one back in 92, here is the image

You can see the back to the future courtyard/building aswell as the kong building to the right, sadly both did not surfive this time *** Edited 6/1/2008 6:38:01 PM UTC by Alexatucla***

We're talking about the part of the tram tour with King Kong that attacks you ... the little version of the former Orlando ride, right?

I'm unclear if they have movie memorabilia from Kong that was destroyed or the actual part of the tram ride.

Stinks that the Back to the Future courtyard burned, as well. That's sad.

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The King Kong portion of the tram tour was destroyed. You can read about it below:

This is also now on the front page of Universal Studios Hollywood's website:

"At the request of the fire department, Universal Studios Hollywood and CityWalk will not open today in order to allow firefighters and maintenance personnel unimpeded access to complete their work. We regret the unavoidable inconvenience to our guests.

We will resume our normal business hours Monday, June 2, at 10:00 am. At that time all rides, shows and attractions, including the Studio Tour, will be operational."


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I actually just saw it on the news although I heard about it earlier. Yikes!


New for 2008, "The Great Hollywood Fire", see its power and destruction right here, only at Universal Studios, Burbank, California!

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