CMG Models recreates the Idora Wildcat

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CMG Models has released photos of the Idora Wildcat model. The yellow and blue structure is over 50% complete and being built to the original profile (using the curving first drop).

Link: CMG Model Coasters

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I keep getting more and more amazed at those models!  Great job!
Now if someone would just rebuild the real thing so we could ride it or ride it again in some of our cases :) 
Is it just the model or did the wildcat have a lot of straight track track?
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Just be careful to not set the far turn-around on fire when its finished.
He should make the old mill underneath it while he's at it. Just a thought :)
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Wow.  That is great work.  I've never heard of this coaster though... can someone give me a brief bio?
LOL! I don't think we'll see the '84 season re-created! BBSpeed26: Ironically I visited the Wildcat 2 weeks before its demolishing. That was close! Wildcat was built in 1930 by PTC and designed by Herb Schmeck. It ran until 1984, when part of it was lost in a fire. It was a beautiful, twisting, bone jarring ride that featured a memorable yellow and blue scheme. Tons o' stuff can be found here:

Chris is one of the finer modelers out there. Take a few minutes to see his site, and note how a static model can be just as rewarding (if not more so) than an operating one. Though not as challenging, they can be accurate in scale and visuals, and make a great display. You can get a lot of detail in one of these, and they are fairly simple to construct (but take awhile). I also encourage beginners to try their hand at static models before taking on an operating one!
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I'll second the comment that Arrow Guy made... "a static model can be just as rewarding (if not more so) than an operating one".

Of picuters of models I have seen, the static ones appear to be more realistic looking because their details and scale are more accurate to the original.  As for "operating" models... some things (including layout) would have to be out of scale in order to get them to work.  In my opinion, I would take a more ralistic look over the functionality any day. 

The models look really good, I can't imagine the time it took to make them. So are any of those models going to become actual coasters one day?


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