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Hey all your help is needed. This weekend is the Clean Up event for the park. We need to get Camperland Ready for Memorial Day opening. So If you are interested it starts Saturday at 9am and please bring your own tools because the park lost everything in the Dreamland fire. Lunch will be served at Stable Pit & Pub.

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^Good luck Ken. Loved CLP, very friendly park. "Grandma" ranks as one of the very best park employees I've met anywhere.
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CLP needs God's help.

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^Well then, get on it! ;)
Well the board has cancelled the Clean Up :(

Andy, you have the Mdiv, help us out.

-Brent Kneebush

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I said it needed God's help. I didn't say I cared. :-P

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

The board....

Hey Ken, is Hollywood still coming the end of the month to film? Maybe that's why they cancelled it. They wouldn't want to ruin that 'post appocalypse' feel they have worked so hard for...
sarcasm off...

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I belive they are filming this weekend. But Camperland is no where near where they want to film. They are filming at the Hotel Conneaut, Beach Club, The Boardwalk and Midway. Camperland is going to open May 1st and the place right now is a wreck and I hate that the Seasonals will once again have to clean the whole place by them selves.

Hello Folks,
Well I have bad news. The Camperland Cleanup is canceled. I received the following letter from the Board:
April 15, 2008

Eileen Bertera
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316

Re: Clean-up Weekend


Although we appreciate your efforts and understand your good intentions the Conneaut Lake Board of Trustees have been charged by the Courts to control all aspects of the Park operations. This includes the approval of all volunteer work. We again would like to emphasize the importance of this request.

It has come to our attention that a Camperland clean-up has been scheduled for this weekend and we have no record of your written request. We have some concerns regarding this event. The ground in Camperland is still very wet and may not be ready for the work you have proposed. We cannot open the store for cleaning until the water has been turned on and the pipes checked for leaks. We fear any painting to be done may have to be done a second time do to the moisture found in many of the wood structures.

The Trustees would like to schedule a Camperland clean-up soon and we hope that as many people participate as possible, but in our opinion this is not the right time to do so. Unfortunately we must require this event be cancelled. We hope that you will work with us in the near future when we schedule the clean-up weekend.

Please explain to the volunteers our reasons for having to postpone clean-up weekend.

Thank you.

Carol K. West, Secretary
Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park, Inc.

When we met with the Board concerning the cleanup, we were not told to get written permission. The original 4 guys that volunteered, Chester, Barney, Lee & John are the only ones allowed to volunteer this weekend. They do not want any part of anything I organize. I just canceled a port-a-john, a water buffalo, and will cancel the rest of the volunteers when I get home from work. I am just sick! I am also officially throwing in the towel! (I can just hear the Board cheering now!) I had many e-mails from volunteers that were bringing up shingles to fix the bathroom roof, rakes, etc. Obviously the Board has the money and employees to open the Park themselves. I am still having the band at the Fairway 12 this weekend, but after that I am done. If anyone that donated the money for the Friends of Conneaut Lake Park fund wants their money back, just send me a copy of you deposit or cashed check and I will gladly refund your donation. I will then give the money to the Board, close up the bank account, website etc. I have only slept 3 hours as I am too upset. I just plain give up and I will never lift a finger to help Conneaut Lake Park again! I want to thank all the supporters and volunteers. This is a dark day for the Park!I am in search of every donation and want to know how you want your donation spent. I am getting requests for using this to find the Truth and break the trust, please, if you were a donator to the Friends of CLP bank fund, let me know. This money will sit until I hear from every donator,

Thank you,

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