Clown protest at guess where...

I dunno, I think cheerful clowns are more than a little scary, too. I'd be runnin from all of 'em if I was there that day!

It's all show business, folks. The Hallowe'en season is short- the evil clowns will continue to scare, the nice clowns get a plug, and everyone gets their name in the paper. What could be better? In just a bit it will all be over and water under the publicity bridge.

RideMan said:

And now I see that Jeff has, in fact, added this story (via another source) to the news section. Perhaps just because I said he wouldn't. :)

Your next post should be "I think Jeff could give us all $100, but he probably won't."

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RatherGoodBear said:
Did they all show up at the park in one car?

lmao! :)


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