Friday, June 1, 2001 7:35 PM
I always here ride clones get dissed a lot. Some people say a clone is stupid. Think about it: The only Batman is at SFGAm/The only S:UE is at SFWOA/The only Deja Vu is at SFMM/Lastly, the only gyro drop is at SFKK (Hellavator was the first Gyro Drop). My point is add all the clones you want, only if the don't resemble Goliath Jr.

Oh yah.....this thread doesn't have anything to do with "Boomerang Bashing". I am talking more about all coasters, not just boomerangs.


Another Coasterbuzzer

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Friday, June 1, 2001 7:39 PM
Hellavator was NOT the first Gyro-drop. It WAS the first Giant-Drop. Also, Deja Vu was anounced for MM first, but it isn't the first. It is the co-first! But things like S:UE, S:ROS, B:TR, are all only from thier park. They do have clones, but these are NOT clones.
But things like hang-and-bangs, those are all clones, even the first.
If it is a quality ride, and cloned, the first isn't a clone. The second and after is.

Next up: Stupid human tricks! Followed by: Stupid pet tricks!
Why can that never happen?

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