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Looks like I may have the opportunity to spend about an hour or so at Cliffs in ABQ next month. Provided my flight gets in on time, of course.

Does anyone know the status of the old Greezed Lightning coaster? Also, is the Rattler any good? I'm gonna ride it no matter what, just wondering.

I visited Cliffs last year when I flew to Albuquerque to see the Solar Eclipse. You'd better hope half the town doesn't show up on the day you visit. When I was there the park was PACKED, I had to wait in line two hours to ride the New Mexico Rattler. It's a Good Coaster BTW with a unique "Pretzel" Back Turn. Albuquerque is a fun town with lots of things to see and do.

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Things to do in ABQ (we visited on Labor Day in '11): Cliffhanger (Tower Ride), Falling Star, Sidewinder (pendulum), Galaxi, and Rattler were obviously the star attractions at the addition to the Rock-O-Plane since removed. Music Express, Scrambler, and the train ride were other hits (Scrambler, like Falling Star, was run pretty hard).

We went at opening for a few hours, then left for lunch at Cecilia's (featured on Food Network - very yummy and reasonable) and some hotel pool time before returning for the evening - have to say that given the dry hot sun, that was a winning move. Night rides on Rattler were extremely good - smooth, FAST, and a unique layout.

I can guarantee that the Schwarzkopf loop will still be "in storage" when you visit...although you should be able to tell where it will be erected (the loop will be visible from the Interstate). This is a small park with a very sensible investment strategy out of necessity - Rattler was completed by the owners when CCI went out of business and abandoned the project half-completed. The shuttle loop will go up, perhaps for 2014 but maybe not until 2015. Still think it would be the *perfect* park to look into a Sally-brand dark ride...

Most of enjoy - ENJOY!

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I'll be there for work for 24 hours. Should get in with just enough time to grab a rental car and head to Cliffs for 1-1.5 hours.

My other plans include a self guided "Breaking Bad" locations tour, a meal at Los Pollos Hermanos, and whatever fun looking mountain roads I can drive up.

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I wish Saul's office in that strip mall were real; that thing is a work of art.

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Don't forget the car wash. Buddy of mine sent me a photo of it when he was out there.

I had friends that would go to Albuquerque, N.M. at least twice a year because they loved it so. Breaking Bad aside, is it that cool there? I mean, like Austin cool?

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I guess it depends on what you think makes a place "cool." I would move to ABQ in a heartbeat. My wife and I have lived in the midwest our whole lives, and are downright sick of it. We've been wanting to move west for a very long time, just don't have a good enough reason. But if the opportunity presented itself, yes, in a heartbeat. So that makes it "cool" for us.

When you say "Austin Cool" I assume you mean nightlife, bars, music, etc. For that, I don't know. I'm more of a hiking/biking/running guy than a barhopper. But perhaps I can get back to you next month after my overnight. I plan on doing some outdoor exploring during the day and perhaps a little drinking at night. And yeah, I've been to Austin, and it's definitely "Cool."

From a coaster standpoint, you have one small park, and that's it. Compared to the Cleveland, OH area, where we live, it's a coaster drought. But who needs coasters when you live in the mountains?

I should add, from what I've seen of the city of ABQ, nothing about it leaps out. It's kind of a flat, square blocked, strip malls and suburbs kind of place. For work we stay in a hotel by the freeway. I went running through a suburb and along a concrete river. Reminds me a lot of the areas of Las Vegas that you find yourself in once you get a few blocks away from the strip. If I were to move there, I'd find a nice place on the outskirts, backed up against a mountain. (More like Hank and Marie's house, and less like Walter and Skylars, ya know...)

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After living on the edge of the Cascades, I can assure you that not being close to a lot of parks is an OK trade.

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I seem to be doing just fine in Denver, too.

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If there were more theatre folks on this board, I'd post this: I Miss the Mountains

(Hm, I guess I just did.)

I got it!
We saw Next to Normal on broadway, what a show. (although not exactly a toe tapper...) Ms Ripley wasn't in very good voice that evening, unfortunately. But I can't imagine singing that difficult material every night.

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