Clementon 10/29....200th coaster :)

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its been awhile since ive posted a TR, but tonite was certainly worth of one. i arrived at the park a little before opening with some friends from school, and the first thing you think of is a carnival that just stopped travelling, lol. however, Clementon is pretty clean, and the staff was very friendly. not a huge collection of rides, but we thoroughly enjoyed the stuff they did have...the chance yo-yo swings were off the hook.

but now onto the good stuff....:)

Tsunami 10/10....this coaster is beyond words. i was really excited, being that it was my 200th coaster, and my first S&S, but also aprehensive, cause ive not heard great things about TimberHawk, so i wasnt sure what to expect. first off, the drop is so amazing. insanely steep, and being that the trains are only four cars long, you just rocket down the drop...great air, especially in the back seat. the second hill has to be now my favourite moment on any wooden coaster at the hill, and i swear it had about 4 good ejector air moments, on the SAME hill! oh man....then the helix...ive never blacked out on a wooden coaster helix. The fastest rides ive had on Beast and SOB didnt even come close...or Twister at Knoebels. Tsunami's helix is just wrong for a wooden coaster, lol. the return trip was awesome too, with some great air all the way to the final brakes.

probably the best thing about it was the pacing. it is seriously do not slow down until the brakes. this coaster is a GEM to this area, and Clementon is incredibly blessed to have snagged it. i had rides tonite on Tsunami that easily beat out both Raven and Legend, and for those of you that know me well, thats not easy, lol. for me and my taste, Tsunami was pretty much the perfect woodie.

the only drawback to the evening was seeing the Jack Rabbit rotting away. that is so sad....while it doesnt look too intense, it is just sad to see an old coaster not being maintained at all. i was able to peer over the fence, and noticed the station empty, cracked up, and no train anywhere in sight. i guess there are no plans to restore it, does anyone know? its a shame....

if any of you are fairly close to the metro Phila. NJ area, Clementon is open until Sunday evening. i highly suggest, if u havnt yet, to get out there and ride Tsunami. trust me, you will not be dissapointed. i am VERY excited to see what S&S has planned next!

Tim.....whos happy to be in the 200 club, haha:) *** Edited 10/30/2004 7:04:46 AM UTC by vacoasterfreak***

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Hey Tim! Congrats on the ride and I'm glad you got to hit Clementon for Tsunami. Sorry I didn't get to call you back as I was busy power riding Dragster :-P.

Your TR makes me wish that I didn't pass up Clementon the day after PPP, yet I'm still glad that I went and saw the ocean.

I'll have to make a trip out there next year seeing that when I'm in the area again the park will be closed.

~Rob Willi

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