Clear something up for me please

I heard that Six Flags sold 7 parks, one of them being Darien Lake in New York. Now when I go to the website it say nothing of the sort.

Just checking that if I go on opening day and buy a season pass will it be a Six Flags pass that I can use at any park or will it be some junk Darien Lake only pass cause the park is sold.


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Probably a Darien Lake pass. It WAS sold.

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There is a ton of content on six flag's websites that is inaccurate or outdated. Just because the page says something, I wouldn't necessarily take it at face value. It might be correct, but I'd call to confirm before I made any plans or spent any money.

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AFAIK, we never got that "sometime in March" confirmation that the deal was, in fact, finalized.

Has anyone been to one of the PARC-7F parks with a SF pass, or vice versa yet? I doubt we'll even know *for sure* after that happens, LOL... :)

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If you buy a Darien Lake pass it is STILL GOOD AT OTHER SIX FLAGS PARKS.

We renewed ours over the phone a few weeks ago they sent them to us and we used them at SFGadv no problems. Six Flags is still honoring Darien Lake passes at it's parks just this season.

IIRC, they said that the Darien Lake pass will be honored in 2007 at the other Six Flags parks.

What wasn't clear is whether or not other SF Passes would be valid at Darien Lake.

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Well, now that the sal eis official, there is no reference to SFDL or any of the other parks on the Six Flags site.

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You can still purchase season passes and tickets as well as merchandise from the Six Flags' site for all the sold parks. They're just at the bottom of the list when you drop it down.

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