Classic Snowball ride returns to Santa's Village

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The Snowball ride is a Scrambler featuring a snowman in the middle surrounded by snowballs, which are like cups. The Scrambler is a double-rotation ride created by Eli Bridge Co. in 1955, according to the company's webpage.

Read more from The Courier-News.

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The Snowball ride looks much more like a Calypso ride, it doesn't look like an Eli Bridge Scrambler at all since it doesn't have the upper support structure.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Right. Someone has their facts all screwed up here.

The Snowball Ride is Calypso-ish, as Pete says, or Teacups-ish. Perhaps someone in an attempt to describe the ride's motion mentioned Scrambler and the intrepid reporter went to Eli Bridge's website and it went from there. Or maybe it was the local connection with Eli Bridge that caused the mention. I gather from the article that the rides were house made or of some other odd manufacturer.

Anyway, it's nice the park was able to piece together the ride. The Snowball is perfect for a place like Santa's Village. The theme is more than appropriate and the kitschy decor is what one might expect from a cute storybook type park.
I remember years ago seeing the ride at Santa Cruz in its billiard ball form, but I guess I passed by not knowing it was really the Snowball. That's interesting.

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Actually, the park "also" opened an Eli Bridge Scrambler this season as well, but the main attraction is the new Snowball.

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