Clark County approves plans for Las Vegas amusement park

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Wednesday, Clark County Commissioners unanimously approved the construction of an estimated $100 million Ferris wheel meant to rival the London Eye, the number one tourist attraction in the city.

Read more and see video from KTNV/Las Vegas.

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Who considers the london eye the #1 tourist attraction in London?

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From what I can tell from the Internets, London Eye averages about 10k visitors a day, which would likely make it the top tourist attraction in town.

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The 9 acre park will have several rollercoasters PLUS the ferris wheel? That will be interesting to see.

That location is really close to the airport ... how do these wheels hold up in strong winds? There is a lot more hot air blowing through Vegas than London.


^That could be taken so many ways.

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I would imagine that wheels like this aren't affected much by wind. The middle is just a bunch of cables.

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If they're landing planes at one end of the strip, and people are jumping off one of the tallest buildings in the states on the other end, I think it'll be OK.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

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