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On Tuesday, I'm planning on visiting Coney, Wonderpark, and PKI for the remainder of the day. Any suggestions: Whether I should start at Coney, then to Wonderpark, then to PKI....or to start at Wonderpark, then Coney, then PKI?

Your midwestern geography confuses me... and thanks! :)

P.S. Anybody wanting to join in, let me know...I'll be checking in occasionally from lodging in PA/OH... ;)

Well, from a purely geographical standpoint, Coney, then Wonderpark, then PKI makes the most sense. Ride what you can at the first two and spend the rest of the day at PKI. I live about 10 to 15 minutes south of Cincinnati Mills (where Wonderpark is).

Unfortunately I work on tuesday, otherwise I may have joined you! I work right off of I-75 just north of OH-126.

Yell if you need any more info about our 'crazy midwestern geography'. :)

- DJ

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I would do Coney first, as WonderPark likes to not open anything until 2 or 3PM. Coney doesn't take long to do, and the coaster kind of sucks. Get the credit and run away. They have some worthwhile flats. If you like spinning, don't miss the Super Round Up and Tempest.

For history buffs, walk down to the back of the park by the river and check out the flood thermometer and the old entrance to the park from the former boat dock.

WonderPark has a credit coaster that costs $2 for a three-lap ride. There is no max height, and it's camera friendly for POVers. The rest of WonderPark is just games and kiddie stuff, and a really horrible food joint.

From WonderPark, just go East on 275 to 71 north and you'll be at PKI in like 5 minutes, the Kings Island Drive exit is a couple miles north of the Fields Ertel Road exit.

PKI doesn't close their queue lines until closing, so you don't have to worry about being shut out of rides before closing bell.

If you've never been to any of the parks, I would say make PKI a day for itself, and then the other 2 parks for a day. PKI is easily a park that can take a day. If you're running around to 3 parks in 1 day, you can't get full enjoyment and really soak up the atmosphere.

Also, these 3 parks are no where even near each other. So you will spend a lot of time driving, which obviously cuts into your time at the parks even more. For example, the drive from Coney to PKI is 30 miles, roughly a 30 minute drive according to mapquest. And then the drive from PKI to Wonderpark is another 17 miles or 18 minutes. Not counting getting tickets, walking into the parks, etc, you are going to spend alot of time not in the parks.

Also, I would say Wonderpark isn't a huge necessity. It's a little park in a mall, that has one little kiddie coaster. But if you're really intent on seeing the park, and want a little bit of credit whoring ;), why not?

Anyway, like I said, if you can, make it a 2 day trip, I think it will be alot more fun and you won't be running around like a chicken with your head cut off. I think you will be happy you slowed it down some.

But if you have to stick to one day, I'd say go Coney, Wonderpark, then PKI. Only because I'm not sure what time Wonderpark opens, and it seems to make the most sense driving. Haha, come on, Cincy is easier than most cities to navigate... then again, I live here. ;)

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Thanks guys! :)

I've been to PKI before, there's really nothing "new" for me there other than IJ:ST and Avatar, and I'm quite pressed for there's really not any wiggle room, so to speak. Besides, I need Weds free for Wyandot and the OH State Fair... :)

Any idea why Wonderpark's website says 10am opening? Guess I should just be happy that the OH parks, unlike their PA counterparts, actually list closing times (Idlewild and DelGrosso's close "when they feel like it", kinda like Kennywood, LOL).


I am curious about your visit to Wonderpark - is it just to get the credit? No bashing intended - but it's a long way (in Cincinnati terms) from Coney and is really just a kiddie park in a low traffic mall.

CDad64 - former FL resident, back in CinCity again.

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You need Columbus help, let me know. :)

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It's too bad you won't be in the Cincy area Sunday the 13th. Thats a Strickers Grove public day.

I am curious about your visit to Wonderpark - is it just to get the credit? No bashing intended - but it's a long way (in Cincinnati terms) from Coney and is really just a kiddie park in a low traffic mall.

haha, I wouldn't call it "low traffic" anymore. Since the remodeling and new ownership, and the name change from Forest Fair to Cincinnati Mills, this place has exploded. Every lot is filled, and the mall is always expanding with new major stores adding on. It is a very nice place these days

I was just as curious about the Wonderpark visit. Like CoasterDad said, it's out of the way, and it's just a little kiddie ride.

"I wouldn't call it "low traffic" anymore"

I live relatively near-by the Mills and to me it's pretty low traffic. Kohls and Biggs are not exactly normal mall anchors.

But to your point, compared to before, it is much busier. The addition of the two theaters helped that quite a bit.

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Gator is a credit whore. Don't question him. Just let it go. ;)

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Buy tickets if you don't want the waterpark and other carnival/traditional rides. They do have one ride on the lake thats kinda rare. The coaster, I HOPE YOUR BACK's GOOD!

WOnderpark, Park outside MEDIA PLAY and walk through the store right to the park, Sit in the back on the coaster. Pretty good drop for a Family MILER.

PKI, you've been there, crowds will be less than weekends but busy.

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Several stores, like Media Play, have closed and left Cincinnati Mills in the past year, but the area still isn't doing too bad. You can either enter between Kohl's and the former Media Play, or in the lower level of the parking garage that's in the back, and enter Wonderpark directly. The mall still has its successful anchor stores, but many specialty stores and other places have the tendency to come and go. Isn't the coaster actually by Zamperla?

BTW in Columbus: do make an effort to check out Wyandot lake, especially if you like waterparks, I had a good time there last year. I will be doing the Ohio State Fair tomorrow, so I might do a TR when I get back.

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Definitely ride in the second car on Coney's coaster. Surprising pops down the hills.

They weren't letting anyone sit in the rear of the second car the day we visited. Not sure if this is an all the time thing or what, but I suspected it had to do with those pops of air.

If you're telling gator to skip a kiddie credit, you don't know gator very well, lol.

Bill, I also should've told you last night that a typical August Saturday at Idlewild, the park will probably close at 9.

Go ahead, sit in the backseat of coneys coaster if you want your spine rearanged.


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