Chula Vista Resort or Kalaharti Resort? Wisconsin Dells

Hey Everyone!

With the hellacious expenses of college and other things that have happened in my family, we haven't had much time or money to take vacations the past couple of years, but this summer we are planning a trip for the 7th, 8th, and 9th of July in the Wisconsin Dells.

We have narrowed it down to two resorts, the Chula Vista, or the Kalahari. We have always stayed at the Kalahari every time we have gone down there so the Chula Vista would be something new and exciting. However, we have also been spoiled by the Kalahari and their fun water parks and other amentities. So I need all of your help!

I am here for 3 days with my parents who absolutely hate theme parks. But my dad likes Go Karts so that works out. Anyway, I need to know which resort is recommended and a little bit more information about the Chula Vista as well.

I checked both websites and everything so I just need firsthand knowledge. Also, I've already done every roller coaster in the area, but that is all I have done, so things my parents and I should experience would be helpful too.

Thanks a lot everyone,


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