ChocolateBuzz 2007 at Hersheypark

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Here it is... register today!

Please note the registration deadline... WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2007. I need to have your registration on that day, not postmarked by that day. I appreciate your help on this!

ERT on Storm Runner and Lightning Racer... good times! Please register as soon as possible. We'd really like to have a count around 100 for this event, so bring friends!

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Thanks Jeff. Just FYI - The flyer says BeastBuzz 2006 in the center portion, oh well. ;) I will register early.


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Oops. :) I guess I'll have to fix that tonight!

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Reusing a template form?

What kind of cut-rate membership is this? ;)

I wish the wife and I could attend, we have yet to hit Hershey Park, but due to conflict of schedule we can't make it.

It's awesome that you're getting more events set up.

~Rob Willi

My girlfriend and I would love to attend, but I'm 18 so renting a car is impossible. Does anyone know of any easy public trans or inexpensive private transportation we could use from nearby airports? How easy is Hershey to get around without a car?
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Make friends, find a ride. :)

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Find a Budget Rent-A-Car -- they rent to under-25 they just charge you an extra $25/day because you're in a "higher risk group"

Or fly in through ABE and I can drive you as long as you pay for gas :)

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Ok, I'm in. Form is already in the mail for me and one guest.


Does there have to be at least one club member per form, or can all pay the extra four dollars? Sorry for the question, but I've never attended an event before.
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Anyone can attend, just pay the higher rate. You don't need a "sponsor" to attend. :)

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The form says to pick up tickets and name tags "near the entrance to the park." Would that be at the group sales booth, or guest services bldg?

I know it's still a ways off, but I figured I may as well ask now while I'm thinking of it, instead of running around the day of the event. *** Edited 4/9/2007 9:23:27 PM UTC by RatherGoodBear***

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My guess is group sales.

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I have no idea. I remember tables set up for groups at the top of the hill, away from the actual gates when I was there last fall, so I assume it'll be there. If you get to the gate and still don't have a ticket, you've gone too far. :)

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Gonna miss that one.. but planning a Hershey trip with my son, then Knoebels, last week of June....

The opening kicker will be his school picnic at Kennywood, though.... hopefully this year he will make the height requirement for the T-Bolt.. (Heck, they let him ride the Pittfall, I think dangling from what feels like a plastic cafeteria chair connected to a cable 200 feet in the air is hairier than the T Bolt ever was...) but thats just me... :O

I guess I'll just look for the people wearing the official coasterbuzz fanny-packs. :)
Thanks for the opportunities, keep them coming! Unfortunately this one (very desirable by the way) will have to go on without me due to work obligations.

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