China to get first ever Woodie built by M&V, Designed by TGG

Source, Amusement Today

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Great news. Nice to see TGG and PTC landing work in Asia.
Its a sweet looking ride, has several pictures of it's renderings.

Chuck, who says it's long as well at 3,900ft

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I guess I can't ride all the TGG coasters anymore... :(


Happy for TGG and M&V, and I even have a ride name - Ragin' Asian!

Wow, that's one beautiful ride... pretty big, too. Is it just me or does the camelback after the first turnaround look a little "rampy"? Don't the wood coasters in Japan feature mild elements? Is it possible this was designed to be a mild ride, perhaps because Asians (for whatever reason) don't have a thing for intense wood coasters?
I am surprised that its not made from Bamboo. LOL

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What's LOL about that?

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Erm, I thought M&V built the Triple Hurricane in Cypress Gardens?

Bad title wording. China's first woodie, not the first M&V/TGG woodie.
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It looks huge.
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Thanks ;)
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On second thought maybe it's just the angle...
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Yeah, looks kind of gentle by TGG standards.;) Nice to see China is getting a woodie though.

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Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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