CHIAPAS Phantasialand - Maybe the best themed waterride ever(?!)

Phantasialand in Germany is a interesting park as it is privatly owned and very secretive about there new attractions. In addition, this is one of the rare parks that can keep up with Disney when it comes to theming.

There new waterride, called Chiapas(located in the Mexico area), is about to open in 3 days and we know next to nothing about the indoor parts of the ride(amazing at this day and age). Nothing leaked so far.

What we know: 6 minute ride, 5 levels, 3 drops(one backwards), steepest drop on any logride(53 degrees), build by Intamin. That's about it,lol.

Now Phantasialand is starting to tease the ride, which I think I should share and is well worth it to open a new topic for

More from the outside area:

The soundtrack tho the ride alone es EPIC, here is the link to the official Website(which has the soundtrack playing, if you click on the additional Chiapas pages, you will get different parts of the soundtrack)

I will try to get there on tuesday for the opening and of course an hour or two after opening there should be on ride you tube videos all over the web

Sorry for the second post, but I could not edit.

Here is a new 19 second action packed trailer(3 days until opening in the tagline) with some onride footage...

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Please deliver one of these to America, immediately. Looks impressive!

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And Cedar Point got Shoot the Rapids.

This one is a "next generation" Shoot the Rapids as the lifthills are different. Today was a pre opening for the press, so expecting a on ride video to leak any minute. In the meantime, Phantasialand posted a new video of the ride in action on you tube...

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Here's a POV:

Phantasialand is one of the best themed parks in Europe, and this looks to be of their usual standard. They already had an excellent rapids ride, too.

I don't generally watch videos like this. But I watched this one. What a piece of awesomeness.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Good thing Intamin thought to include a backwards section. You know, to make any malfunction seem, you know... possibly intentional.

Speaking of lifts, I noticed a double chain and what appears to be maybe a belt lift and even tire drives. Taking no chances I guess. Also, is it my imagination or do a couple of those lifts speed up til they get to the top?

But the theming there is great, (BTW, I was really groovin on the Chiapas Skeleton Disco Party room), and I'm really impressed with the length. It looks like some of the ride is in close proximity to a coaster as well- it would be great to be in the boat that was perfectly timed with the coaster.

I'm not a big fan of water rides, but you got your really good ones like this one, and at Disney, Universal, and Sea World. Then you got your Camden Park variety. I almost always take a trip on the really good ones.

My fall trip to Europe (with Oktoberfest and the parks of Germany as a highlight) has, sadly, been postponed for at least another year. Seeing the stuff at Phantasialand has made me particularly bummed about it.

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Holy Balls this looks amazing!! The transfer sections are hella quick. Honestly Phantasia is one of my favorite parks in the world. My favorite drop ride, spinning mouse, flat ride and inverted coaster all reside there.

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Alexatucla said:

This one is a "next generation" Shoot the Rapids as the lifthills are different.

That's one hell of a generation gap.

Delan, I was thinking the same thing about those super-quick transitions. I was fascinated by the sideways one in particular that there was no noticeable jolt on camera as far as I could tell. The car just gracefully shot to the right as seamlessly as could be. Call me amazified. This is so cool.

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"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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Starting to think Phantasialand might be joining Tivoli and Europa as real must-do parks...

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