Chessington bans animal print clothing

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Chessington World of Adventures has put a zero-tolerance ban on any type of animal print at the park and has even brought in bouncers to enforce the rule. Zookeepers noticed the tigers, lions and giraffes get confused when they spot guests wearing a leopard coat or snakeskin bag.

Read more from Yahoo News.

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Looks like a publicity stunt to emphasize the "up close and personal" interactions guests have with animals at the park.

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Not to tie forum threads together too much (*wink*)...

My first thought was SkyQuest...from Chance-Morgan Mfg.

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There is nothing more dangerous in the animal kingdom than a confused and disoriented cougar.

A cougar with pass keys. :)

This Isn't A Hospital--It's An Insane Asylum!

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Lions are the kings of the jungle but they can't tell the difference between a live snake and a snakeskin patterned bag? lol

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Well, Michael Jackson was the King of Pop and he couldn't tell the difference betw....
Oh, never mind...

Reminded me of this.

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Or this (if you can deal with a half minute of vertical video).

So I presume I am not the only one here who read this story, re-checked that it was Chessington, and realized that it has been a while since the last publicity stunt from this consortium?

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You aren't the only one, you're just the only to say it. :)

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What about Carousel Rabbit, first post? ;-)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mike! A guy in the UK contacted me about helping me write theme park news for his UK-based website after happening upon my roller coaster blog and this story would be perfect.


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