Cheerleader Day at SFGAm? 9/14/02

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I know this might end up to be another boring trip report, so I will skip most of the rides except the ones that stood out.

After about 20 minutes in the park, I certainly noticed something "different", if you will call it that. There were groups of cheerleaders everywhere. Don't get me wrong, this was one of the greatest coincidences of my life, but I could have gone without the extremely crowded Southwest Territory. From Raging Bull to the Cool Zone there was just a mob of 10-16 year old girls. I made some friends yesterday, and when we were leaving at least 5 groups of cheerleaders were saying "bye" to us. Extremely strange.

Ok, well now on to the rides.

Raging Bull/Chubasco-5 times

Demon/V2/Condor/Hometown Fun Machine (what a cheesy name for a ride)/Whizzer/Iron Wolf/American Eagle (backwards was the only side open, thus very long waits)/Batman/Viper/Deja Vu/Sky Trek/Space Shuttle America-One ride on each

River Rocker-3 rides

Conclusion: A very fun day of riding.

Complaints: They really need more people working at the Viper Nachos, and they really should start Raging Bull off with three trains, instead of adding the third one half way through the day.

Worst Coaster: This is a hard decision, but Viper wasn't fun at all. We sat in train car 1 row 3, and it just wasn't a fun ride at all. It seemed extremely slow and there was a huge lack of airtime. There were some nice lateral Gs, though, so I can give it some credit.

Best Coaster: Why, Raging Bull of course. If you hit this ride in the dark, it truely is amazing. The tunnel at the bottom of the first drop is pitch black which really ads to the excitement of the ride.

Worst Ride: Space Shuttle America. It's getting old, they should replace it.

Best Ride: River Rocker or Chubasco. I really liked both rides. Chubasco really gives an out of control feeling, and sometimes your literaly slamming into the side of the car (or should I say cup). The River Rocker has a suprising amount of airtime, which is part of the reason why I love these types of rides. The only complain was that the lady ride op during the 2nd half of the day was extremely slow. Heck, the ride had slower intervals than Deja Vu.

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Sounds a bit better than the redneck freebie day...
I went on the 15th and cheerleaders were everywhere!!! They let you into the park at 930am without making you wait for the rope drop but their were already lines for DV/RB as the cheerleaders and family were let into the park earlier. But of course they didnt start the coasters till 10am and RB again didnt start the day with 3 train operation even though that part of the park was swamped. Other than the cheerleaders the park didnt seem too busy and for the first couple of hours Batman/V2/Ironwolf had 5-10 minute waits.

I've heard stories about Viper in 1-3 being 'all that and a bottle of snake oil,' but quite honestly, I'm not sure why anyone says that.

I've been a faithful rider in the very back seat. Always loved it. I tried 1-3 and there was absolutely nothing there...

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I have yet to find a Viper seat I didn't like. Thing is, woodies are very moody.

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Yes, Viper was acting bratty today. I gave it three chances, but it didn't give that amazing ride I got last weeked. Bull was excellent today, I chalked 5 rides up, 1 in front, the rest in back. Iron Wolf and Batman were great as usual, Wolf was giving smooth rides. I missed Deja Vu, but got two spins on V2, one right after the other. (Single rider thing :)) After 5 or 6, the park seemed dead. Most of the cheerleaders left, and the lines just got short. I treated this oppurtunity as the last of its kind this season, because with Fright Fest coming up, well, walk-ons just don't seem like they'll happen. The highlight of the day came after close. After scanning the shops for Shockwave t- shirts, I finally found one near Carousel Plaza. :)

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Hang on to that shirt BullGuy because it just might become a collector's item. :)

Ric Flair was hitting on the female host, he told her - "Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it has the longest line." WOOOOO!

I was also at SFGaM on Saturday and I encountered something wierd (besides bunches of cheerleaders).. Rides Temporary Closed. These all had ride ops standing at the entrance and not allowing anyone else in line. These "issues" were not too serious, but I here is what I noticed...

RB- When I approached this ride, one car was stopped on the lift hill (what a view!) and another on the mid-course breaks (both with ride ops standing next to them). When they released the train from the mid-course breaks- It went through the second half of the ride painfully slow. It did not look fun at all. The ride was reopened shortly after a few test runs. I waited patiently at the ride's entrance - the fastlane line was backed up the most (more than 1/2 way to the on-ride photo area)

V2- It misfired right before I was supposed to ride. The people who were riding were "surprised" finding their intense launch stopping early (with a weird sound). After the ride was "reset" and a test run.. everything was ok.

IW- Two of the times I passed this ride (I did not ride), I noticed ride-ops standing at the entrance and both trains sitting at the break run and station. It did not look too serious because people were standing in line.

DV- (1st ride) They were having restraint issues on the front row. Also, they had 1st row outside roped off (and no one was using the other outside seat on the 1st row). 2nd ride- Rain right before 8:00 halted the ride for 15 minutes (with a test run). I was still in line and managed to get the last ride of the day - last row outside (shortly before 9:00). I never saw ride ops go so fast to get home.

These are just minor issues (nothing worth complaining) - it just happened I ran across all of these in one day. I still had a good day. Ride Count (arriving at 1:00): 2 rides each for DV, RB, V2, and Viper. 1 ride: Giant Drop. I stuck with my favorites (I got a chance to ride all the rides last week).

About Viper: I thought Viper was running better this week than last week. I also agree the ride is very moody.. but enjoyable every time.

About Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders everywhere! If I was 14-15, I would probably be in heaven, but being older (23) they were just in the way.. (thus sticking with the big coasters). Southwest Territory was swamped.. It was tough walking through (and around) groups of cheerleaders. Especially around the Amphitheatre with areas blocked off for t-shirt sales and photos. Some were practicing, some did not know where they were heading, and others were in line for nachos and stuff.

The sad part is, things will be worse next month. It was still nice to have 20-40 minute waits for my favorites--except DV - 1+ hour both times. I was moved forward for being a single rider.. to the unused seat in the front row! (back is still better). I still had a good day.. cheerleaders and all.

-Jesse (who now realizes that his post is way too long )

Deja Vu was closed 15 minutes because of rain? Right when the train got to the MCBR on Raging Bull, (4th ride on the bull of the day) I felt a slight drizzle, but the ride really was flying. The last ride of the night the trims before the ending finale were off, it was awesome. It was also a very funny ride because, combined, my friend and I lost 4 quarters. Every 30 seconds we would hear a "ting!" as another quarter fell out of our pockets. Ok, well now I am getting off topic, but when the train entered the station there was a recording that said "This attraction is one that may be closed to to weather conditions" or something along those lines, but it didn't close for one second.

I also would like to give a thumbs up to the Raging Bull crew. They were really moving, especially towards the end of the day.

Deja Vu doesn't have fastlane, but it has a fastlane line.

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Explanation about the cheerleader invasion: My sister is a Pom girl and some of her cheerleader friends were at Great America on the 15th. There was a MASSIVE UCA *United Cheerleaders Association* competition there that day...btw-they placed 2nd. PARK RAWKS!
Most of the cheerleaders I saw were around 10-14 maybe? It's kind of scary that some of they guys on this board are drooling over them!

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^ Agreed!

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JFNJ said:
Hey, in my I assumed them to be high school age...I'm only 19.

Old enough for parents to prosecute....and I'm sure your cellmate Rocco will think you're fresh and young, too.

Just a thought.


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i was there that day. my cuz was one of those cheerleaders, and heads up for all of you, the pom-pom chicks will be back same time next year. be prepared.

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