Cheapest KI and CP tiks?

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I'm back in Ohio for a visit and have to buy hubby tiks when we go to KI and CP later this week (I have my season pass)

Where is the cheapest place to buy tickets? I know Meijer has em I just dont know if they are the cheapest!
(I dont think Ive had to ask that question since like lie!)

Thank you!

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Kroger grocery store offers Kings Island tickets for $29.99. That's $6 less than the park sells them online.

And at the $29.99 price, you can afford to pony up the $50 more for Fast Lane! ;)

A few years ago, I saw Kings Island tickets at my local Speedway gas station for $24.99, but they don't sell those anymore. I'd almost guess that Kroger is the cheapest.

Cheap KI tickets:
$23 + printing

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Wow, that's a steal. Are there any good deals on CP tickets somewhere? Weird to think you can find KI tickets for half of the CP online price.


You should try looking on eBay and sites like that for coupons. They usually sell for $1-$3 and will be mailed to you. When my friend went to Kings Island with me, she didn't want to pay the $50 to get in, and found some discount tickets on eBay for $2, they took her ticket price down to $24.99 if I remember correctly. I'm not sure about the coupons or prices for CP but I'm sure there's something like that, too.

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Sounds fishy to me. lol

You can't imagine how many people I had to turn away who had phony/invalid tickets that they bought on Ebay when I worked admissions at a park. Craigslist is just as bad. Get your tickets from a reputable source and save yourself the headache and wasted money.


Oh, and CP's online deals page sometimes has some decent discounts.

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I would like to think that people would use common sense to keep themselves from getting the shaft in a scam like that, and that they wouldn't need people like CP Chris and me, and whoever else, to offer this kind of advice, but people get scammed all of the time. Do not take shady deals, because (say it with me)... "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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Thing is, those tickets are faked incredibly well. Happens with concert tickets, too. People get turned away at the gate, and they're out the money they spent, PLUS the money for a real ticket.

Some of them aren't even fakes at all. Some are simply invalid because they were stolen, or issued as freebies to an employee who was fired, or otherwise authentic but invalidated in a way nobody would know until they were scanned at the gate.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

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