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Tuesday, June 11, 2002 9:47 AM

I normally dont post my chats on the boards, but I thought I would include some buzzers in this one this time. I regularly host chats with industry people on AOL and I usually have a special guest. Some of my past guests have been HW's Paula Werne, Members of SF management, and coaster company personnel from all over the globe. This week, my chat guest is a newly acclaimed author. He has written a new book on rollercoasters and used to be the admin of that's right Robert Coker! The chat is scheduled for this wednesday night at 8pm eastern time. I have allotted 15 spaces for this chat and all but 7 of them are taken by chat regulars. I am opening up those last 7 spaces to the first 7 people that send an e-mail to and please include your AIM screenname and be online 10 mins prior to the chat start. I usually have trivia questions and the winners usually get cool prizes like T-shirts and even free park tickets! This time, the questions will be from those great old days of The top two finishers will receive an autographed copy of Roberts new book "Roller Coasters : A Thrill-Seekers Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines." We will also be announcing some things as well. So, get your Coker questions together and join us!

*please note my chats are basically informal, but I do ask that you respect others and the guests. Questions are asked one at a time and when called upon by me. That makes it go faster and everyone usually has an opporutnity to ask at least 2 questions.

WCUSA-The World's largest theme park is coming!
Theme parks will NEVER be the same!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2002 9:54 AM

Well, you're right, this isn't the place to promote it. If you'd like to promote it, feel free to submit a news item. Thanks!

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